First performed in , this is an early, yet startling, brilliant work by the internationally acclaimed Argentine playwright Griselda Gambaro. Teatro: Las paredes; El desatino; Los siameses. by Gambaro, Griselda and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. Teatro: Las Paredes ; El Desatino ; Los Siameses (Spanish Edition) [Griselda Gambaro] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. El teatro de G.

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Her reputation is well established in her own country and she has begun to gain recognition in the United States as her siamesrs have become more readily available.

GAMBARO, Griselda. LOS SIAMESES, 2 Actos. Fotos de Humberto Rivas | eBay

Her dramatic world has been compared to the Theatre of the Absurd siamesez general.! In addition, Tamara Holzapfel has already stated her belief that Gambaro fulfills the “basic requisites of the theatre as envisioned by Artaud by using non-rhetorical language integrated with gestures and all kinds of sound, by incorporating psychological cruelty and physical violence, and by assigning primary importance to the mise-en-scene.

The importance of physical space and its manipulation for thematic purposes is graphically demonstrated in The Walls. In this playa young man finds himself detained against his will for offenses unknown to him, very much like the protagonist of Kafka’s The Trial.


Gambaro’s character is manipulatedby his two adversaries so that at the end he is more like a mindless automaton than a human being. This character transformation is reflected in a parallel diminution of the physical surroundings. That is, as the youth loses his dignity and honor as a gentleman, the initial well-appointed room where he was first brought becomes progressively less comfortable, with fewer furnishings, and always smaller in space.

The youth’s impression is not that he is being moved to different rooms, as is suggested at the end, but that somehow the same room has become frighteningly smaller as the walls close in on him.

Project MUSE – Physical Imagery in the Works of Griselda G├ímbaro

For the youth, his ever-decreasing living space becomes an active opponent in a threatening world; for the spectator, the diminishing physical space of the stage has come alive with dramatic meamng. Objects also playa part in the action of The Walls. The youth’s watch, a gift from his father, is taken from him as an indication that he has been robbed of his past and denied the right to count on time as a present or future possibility.

Just as his room is stripped bare ofits accessoriesso, too, is he dispossessed of his right to be called a gentleman caballero.


A statue brought to him from the outside world assumes a role parallel to the youth’s – in a sense his double – for at the end, the two are equally incapable ofindependent action. In The Blunder objects again have an Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of ggiselda humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

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