Gunahon Ka Devta Poster. Inspired by Shakespeare’s Othello based in a gang war ridden rural India a young man named Avdesh Singh Thakur, raised by his.

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Over time, it gained historical importance and a cult following of readers, especially among urban Indian men whose native language was Hindi. The story is about a young student Chander who falls in love with the daughter Sudha of his college professor. It was published by Bhartiya Jnanpith Trust. This is Dharamvir Bharati’s most famous work, and it earned him a huge fan-following especially in the contemporary youth, as well as several tunahon and accolades, thus making him one of the most recognised names in Hindi Literature following Munshi Premchand.

Gunahon Ka Devta

Romance and love which a young heart cherishes are present in this novel with their various shades and colour.

It is primarily the story of “non expressive love and romance between two characters Chandar and Sudha The portraying of characters is beautiful, particularly the female protagonist of novel, Sudha touches the heart. In the novels foreword, the author says, “While writing this novel I experienced the feeling one has during depressing moments when he prays ferevently, with full faith It appears as if the very same prayer has been ingrained in my heart and I am still repeating it The novel tells the passionate love story of Chander and Sudha.


The plot is simple and devoid of any distracting thrilling moments. Instead it is driven by the interaction of the central characters that is in many gunahom innocent as well as naive.

The two share a relationship that is deep and strong, and their attraction for each other increases with the passage of time. This, then, is the turning point in the novel but it is also through this tragedy that Bharati has made the story appealing to readers.

Gunahon Ka Devta (TV series) – Wikipedia

Bharati highlights an important point here; while children devtw taught to follow the values of the society they are born in, and are judged on their ability to make choices according to those standards, it is sometimes psychologically corrosive for people to keep following those ideals. In those moments, resistance against such ideas becomes not only the pragmatic choice for an individual but devts is also the only way for societies to move forward.

Chandar has a choice: Chandar makes the socially acceptable choice and the consequences of this result in him becoming fully aware of his feelings for Sudha. The agony of an unattainable love burns him up slowly. His calm and rational outlook towards life is replaced by a longing to untie the jumble of his emotions. At this point he turns to Pammi, a Christian girl, to explore the physical aspect of love which was hitherto unknown to him.


With the passage of time, it becomes abundantly clear that his heart longs only for Sudha and no one can replace her in his life. The writer also suggests that ma such a restrictive society, young adults are bound to develop romantic feelings for anyone from the opposite sex whom they get a chance to interact with on a regular basis because they have limited options. While they have been exposed to the modern gunxhon of a loving relationship between two adults, society still considers marriage a sort of bond of compromise rather than a fulfilling relationship.

Gunahon Ka Devta – Wikipedia

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