Practical English Grammar: Syntax [Электронный ресурс]: учебно методическое .. It is understood that modern science allows such experiments. p. 9. Walker, E. Grammar Practice for Upper Intermediate Students / E. Walker. Sat, 22 Dec. GMT. Modern English Grammar. In Practice Teachers Book. Pdf PDF – modern english grammar in practice Introduction to the United States Improve your English while learning all about 3 cdti, modern english grammar in practice t gusak, джон вон эйкен дневник.

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People who start up and run business organizations are known as entrepreneurs. They are the people who take the risk and decisions necessary to organize production and make a firm run successfully. Within industrial sector in the UK there are a wide range of different types of business organization that can be started by private individuals, from small one-person businesses to huge multinational firms. Walk down your local.

Each type of business organization can be distinguished from other types by considering:. Before starting up any business venture all future entrepreneurs must ask themselves three vital questions:.

The answers to these questions will help them przctice decide which type of business is the best for them. Start your answer with the phrases: Match the terms and their definitions: When two or more companies decide to work together, they form a. Read and translate the following sentences. See the difference between Indefinite and Continuous Tenses:. We normally produce it in six colours but we are doing two extra at present. People know that the company is losing money.

I usually work with Joe and Clair, but this week I am working with Mary on the accounts. I was just leaving grammag office when he arrived. We were talking about safety procedures when the fire alarm went off.

While Moodern was recording the new data we were calculating our receipts. When I returned she was still calculating overheads. Prwctice now on he will be working for the company GAZ. When John comes the managers will be discussing the problem of new markets. The people were building a bridge and the construction required different resources.


I am working overtime tomorrow. Tomorrow I am meeting with the manager. Which of the ideas do you associate with Present Indefinite and which with Present Continuous:.

Study the sentences and decide which examples corresponds to each of above. The scheduled flight leaves next Monday at 8. I am seeing Bill Sykes tomorrow afternoon, I have it in my diary. The conference room measures square metres. I understand they have gone bankrupt. With the Internet the world is getting smaller. We have a planning meeting once a month. Use the right form of the verb given in brackets: An individual to make careful decision now about how to allocate resources.


You to spend a lot of money these days. They to discuss a very important project the whole day yesterday. Martin to have a talk with H. Grant about delay in delivery. The delegation to come at 5 p.

I to feel that we to make too much noise. At present we to do business with Japanese companies. They to build a new bank when I to be there last year. I to talk to my boss when you to ring me up. The UK to become more popular as a location for international business. I to think why he to say such things. We to expect you. Inflation to increase steadily next year.

As the international debt crises to growthe world economy to become more unstable. During your visit you to stay at the Plaza Hotel. Look through the text and state its main idea: All building entrepreneurs must decide whether or not they can manage along before choosing the type of business organization they wish to form.

One must not only be a skilled specialist in a certain industry, but will also need to manage the business, do the accounts, advertise, employ staff if necessary, be familiar with employment laws, pay the bills, negotiate with suppliers — and much more.

Setting up in business with other people can spread the loan and allow more work to be done. Agree or disagree with the following statements.

Running your own company you must be a skilled specialist in your sphere of business.

To start a business an entrepreneur will need capital. This is the money used to finance a business. Money used to pay for premises, machinery, and other equipment is known as fixed capital.

Money used to pay for bills, such as electricity, purchases of materials, wages, the telephone, etc. Some businesses will need more capital than others. If people cannot raise enough money themselves to equip their business they may need to find other people, or partners, who would like to help finance their business and share. This type of business is known as a partnership.

If yet more money practjce needed, people might consider kodern a limited company and selling shares in the ownership of their business to other people. Once the business is established, it could become self-financing if people are able to earn enough revenue from the sale of their goods or services to more than cover the cost of producing or providing them.

A part of profit is spent practce wages to live on. Any profit left over can be used to invest in business, for example, to buy new equipment or move into larger premises.


So-called retained profits provide a major source of finance for established firms of all types and sizes, reducing their need to take on expensive gusaj loan to pay for business expansion. Give as full answers as possible: Pay attention to the Perfect Tenses: Has Jerry just arrived to start work?

By the time Practide arrived, all we had done our work. We have just lowed our prices. They have never seen such an agency. The owners of the company have discussed the new advertising program. The auditor said that he had looked through the financial statements.

They informed us that tax bodies had visited these two companies. By the end of May, next year, my friends will have purchased a new house for their new office. Will the buyers have taken decision what prices they are willing to pay at the auction by 11 a.

A consumer, who had bought enough items of a commodity, was not interested in getting more. Eve has saved nearly two thousand pounds so far this year. We have just lowered our prices. She has always been a creative person. At the end of the year we shall have renewed our production. They already to update their website. She to decide what to do yet?

Mary to work never in the englisg of social statistics. He to establish his business by He not to work in business before he joined our company. After they to invest in this business, our share prices went up. By next summer the company to open new office in Kiev. By the end of the year the company to pay off all our debts.

You to buy anything interesting lately? As soon as he to understand it he to quite down. He to think that he to lose his money. I not modeen understand him until he to repeat his words twice. She to work as a flower girl before she to own a flower shop.

Look through the text and answer the questions: As the owner of your own business, you are entitled to any profit you make. Before starting your business, you must decide if you are willing to risk all practiice savings and possessions if the business were to fail.