HAMEG. OSCILLOSCOPE HM Specification. TLOPL HH4E. Vertical Deflection (Y). Bandwidth: of both channels. DC MHz (-3dB), DC MHz (- 6dB). HM analog oscilloscope. Discontinued. More info in German for HM at ยท Manual for HM here. Timebase The HM timebase incorporates an LPS trigger circuit, a new technique developed by HAMEG. The complete triggering process is carried out by a.

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The HM41 2 should trigger internally on sinusoidal signals up to 40MHz perfectly at a display height of approx.

T3 41 Timebase Before checking the timebase is should be ascertain- ed that the trace length is approx. To minimize drift, the input stages of the pre-amplifiers are monolithic integrated circuits.

They may only be touched by a properly insulating screwdriver Caution!

Otherwise, a capacitor of adequate capacitance must be con- nected before the input of the vertical amplifier with DC coupling. The risetime is given by the product of the horizontal distance in cm between these two points and the time coefficient setting. For example when investigating AF signals from a high impedance source the hmeg of hum pick-up and crosstalk is greatly reduced as the hamge Input 4 mm plug is completely screened. For sine-wave voltages the upper frequency limit will be MHZ.

Oszilloskop HM Equipment HAMEG GmbH, Frankfurt, build

A special feature of the HM is the vertical Overscanning facility, location of a “lost” trace is indicated on two LED’s. When investigating pulse or square waveforms the critical feature is the risetime ha,eg the voltage step. It is recommended that the in- haemg is switched on for about 1 5 minutes prior to the commencement of any check. Ventilation holes are provided in the case so that instruments with a maximum consumption of 30 Watts can be operated in the case.


Hameg 412 Grossansichten

However, even ex- perienced operators are advised to read the following instructions thoroughly, as they include ha,eg in- formation relating to the use of the HM41 2. In general, no great changes occur after the in- strument has left the factory, and it is left to the operator’s descretion whether this test is undertaken or not. This is valid as well with automatic as with normal trigger- ing. Even small capacitive changes can reduce the transmission performance.

The shape of the spot, whether round or oval or rectangular, must stay the same to the right and left of the optimum focus- ing point. Operating Modes The HM may be operated as either a single or dual trace oscilloscope. When displaying signals with high zero potential, it should 421 noted that these voltages are also con- nected to the oscilloscope case.

The trimming pots for the high voltage circuit, minimum and max- imum intensity are only accessible yameg the instru- ment see Adjusting Plan. In most cases the HZ 47 Viewing Hood will overcome these pro- blems as hamef shields the display area, substantially increasing the contrast, and decreasing the possibility of reflections. In addition, switching the oscilloscope off and on at short intervals stresses the cathode of the CRT and should therefore be avoided.

HAMEG hm Oszilloskop Oscilloscope | eBay

As noted before, the stabilized high voltage and the sup- ply voltage for the final stages approx. This is best seen by displaying a square-wave signal with the repetition rate of approximately 1 MHz. Triggering Checks The internal triggering threshold is important as it determines the display height from which a signal will be stably displayed. The final vertical amplifier incorporates the Overscanning facility.


The hamegg can be adjusted to equal the input capacitance of the oscilloscope, then the impedance of the HZ 23 is equal to the specified Input impedance of the oscilloscope under test. Operation of the timebase is then limited to selecting a convenient time setting. You must make absolutely sure that the electric strength of the voltmeter is sufficiently high. A trimming pot of 50kQ see Adjusting Plan is provided inside the instrument for the correc- tion of astigmatism see Service Instructions.

Any M5 41 hum or common-mode interference may be thereby avoided. Under these conditions no variations should be detected on the display in either the vertical or horizontal axis. As the HM is a fully transistorized oscilloscope the heat generation of the instrument is very low, thus ensuring long term reliable operation. RF input voltage range 0.

HAMEG hm 412 Oszilloskop Oscilloscope

As already mentioned simple signals may be trig- gered automatically i. This probe is connected to the test circuit by a sprung hook and integral ground lead with an insulated crocodile clip. While the adjustment is ac- complished with 4112 “Hor.