Surreptitiously, the father began going into his son’s bedroom. Parvez would By Hanif Kureishi Ali asked him, “So who is the fanatic now?”. The main themes explored in the story “My Son the Fanatic” by Hanif Kureishi are the conflict between generations, cultural differences, and identity. The writer’s. In this section, we will highlight the elements of our analysis of “My Son the Fanatic” by Hanif Kureishi. The story mostly follows a linear plot structure, while.

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The maulvi takes very much influence on Farid and helps him to become more fanatic. Initially, Ali refuses this invitation, but later he accepts it. Schitz is a godless libertine. This violence may be seen as an influence the maulvi took on them because he is added in the film and does not exist in the short story where an attack like that does not happen.

But his shame initially looks like the usual embarrassment teenagers kuureishi have for their parents and not the disgust that Farid, and Ali, develops throughout the story. Ali offends his father, but does famatic do anything more.

We do not learn that in the film. Whereas in the film, it is obvious from the beginning Parvez’s family has emigrated to Britain. He grew up in England in the s and s, being the son of a Pakistani immigrant and an English woman. Retrieved from ” https: He even gives introductions, as Skn tells Parvez in Fizzie’s restaurant, when they are having dinner.

That is the reason for him to work “long hours” Kureishi It was well written and informative, though the language was a bit difficult at times. Schitz embodies everything that Farid hates about the Western World. He just wants to state his view of things.

“My Son the Fanatic” by Hanif Kureishi –

Parvez tells Bettina what he has observed and that he and his friends assume that his son does all these strange things because he is drug addicted. The plot surely did not take place so long ago, because of the use of video games and computers, but then again, they do use video tapes and therefore it is fair to believe that it must be some time ago, seeing that tapes is not that common nowadays. He believes that his son is finally growing out of his teenage attitude and taking more responsibility.


Then the reader learns that Ali had an “English girlfriend from whom he has parted. The film differs significantly from the short story.

“My Son the Fanatic” by Hanif Kureishi

Farid’s reaction shows that he knows what his father is looking for and therefore he stretches out his arm to show his veins. Please help to improve this article to make it neutral in tone and meet Wikipedia’s quality standards. Ali criticises his father’s way of life because in his opinion his father is “too implicated in Western civilization” Kureishi In the short story Ali shows his disgust for his father in the conversation they have when they are out for dinner.

Schitz and does not hnif know him, these two characters represent the two conflicting ways of life. While Parvez feels relived, he can not help feeling frustrated and afraid at the same time. And while Parvez was dreaming of a better life in Britain he did not realise that something had gone wrong with his son.

It was reprinted in Kureishi’s collection of short stories, Love in a Blue Time, and also as a supplement to some editions of The Black Album. Being the son of an immigrant, a majority of his novels unravel the difficulties and challenges a huge amount of immigrants face in their new country, especially the difficulties involved in finding a place to belong.

And it turns out that his kueeishi does not sell his things. The short story creates at its opening a very calm atmosphere of an average father worrying about his son. In the car, Bettina starts to have a conversation with Ali, but as she tries to explain to Ali that his father loves him very much, Ali becomes angry and offends Bettina.


The main thing they talk about is Parvez’s job.

Hanif Kureishi: My son the Fanatic by Andre H on Prezi

But Ali still holds his father in contempt for not following the rules of the Qur’an. The short story was also adapted into a film of the same title. This accent is a feature the film uses to create cultural differences.

He shortly after finds out that Ali has become interested and fascinated by the religion Islam, and that he spends all his time praying or going to the mosque. There Parvez is confronted with the fact that his son is not just becoming religious. In the film this “sexual dimension” Moore- Gilbert Parvez is very enthusiastic and already plans his son’s wedding. Parvez feels he has lost his son and wants to tell him to leave the house.

Views Read Edit View history. However, when Ali begins throwing out valuable belongings and his friends starts avoiding him, Parvez gets seriously worried, and feels as if his son is ungrateful and that he himself has done something wrong as a father. At the beginning, Farid seems ashamed of his father when he is taking the pictures of the Fingerhuts. Parvez worries because Ali’s behaviour has changed significantly.

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