Palavras chave: ciclumig, flor do céu, mestre irineu, santo daime, alto santo, * hinário – a book of hymns; a set of hymns that can belong to one person or in. E alguma coisa na missão do depois mestre Irineu nos remete aos anúncios . Este belo hino abre não apenas o seu Hinário do Cruzeiro, como inaugura a. Other version is that the lyrics never existed and in this case Mestre Irineu would have received only the hymns’ music. Jaime Wanner. *Mestre’s hinário has.

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She drank it since the age of seven and at the beginning I only went to accompany her – I didn’t want to drink mfstre Daime yet. I was the bearer of a spiritual disease – which was alcoholism in an out-of-control way. But I had the wish of finding something to overcome it and to get rid of that vice. I would get wasted and later I would be regretful and ask for some help from God. Then I remembered that what I needed was to drink Daime instead; to try it out. I would see children and elders drinking Daime, authorities also, and I would think:.

Mestre was the one serving the Daime on this day.

I got in the line and when my turn came I looked at Mestre and he looked at me. I said, “Mestre, today I came resolved. You give me a little of this drink of yours because I want to take a good look at it to be able to be certain later! But the work came to its closing and I didn’t see anything. There are people who arrive for the first time and they achieve, but some others not. In the next work, which I waited for with anxiety, I really wanted to see.

I took a full glass… and nothing. I was too thick. The third time came and it was the same. I only got to have visions during the fourth time.

I drank it at home and waited with anxiety. When I thought it was not going to happen a screen was mounted in front of me, a screen made of gold, with some little women, very small, with their brooms and flying like hummingbirds.

When they would find some little dust on that golden screen they would dust it with their brooms. Then I lost my faith, thinking that people were being deceived by that little thing and I decided to not take the drink anymore. But in the next ceremony I thought:. I grabbed a maraca and started to dance. I had to come back to the mother’s womb, to the time where I was brought forth. And there it comes, and there it comes And it comes, and it comes… and I saw when I started to have awareness of life.

And there comes the screams, here and there, and I still wanted to think that it wasn’t from me. It was really me Forgive me for the love of God. I saw everything that was destined for me and that this whole thing was accompanying me since the time when I was a boy. And it goes, and it goes, and it goes And I, going from here to there, breaking everything.


Then the whip cracked. A person was in front of me guiding my way while I was going through it all, saying: Now, the straight line is this one over here, for where you must follow.

Hinario – Mestre Irineu – Confia Chords – Chordify

This is the way! But everything was done with diplomacy and within the utmost comfort, while I was laid on the floor, with everything passing through me, the whip cracking and showing me everything for where I had to follow. Then the result – I tired from having visions.

I didn’t want to see things anymore and everything was beautiful! I placed my hand on his shoulder and I said. Then it became good It felt to me like I was laid on a mattress, and there is no way to compare, nor to mewtre that comfort. It wasn’t lacking anything, even though I still thought that it wasn’t good enough, “Mestre, I want to get away from that, I don’t want to stay in this anymore.

And I would say, “Oh! Yes, now I am ok. There it comes again! There it comes again, Mestre! Until the moment when I was ok, thanks to God!

Hinaio I was aware and sure of everything that had happened. I could have forgotten things from other works but from this one I never forgot the details and they are all recorded in the memory. Then Mestre asked me. Tell me something – can that be a truth?

It is very serious, very sublime. This happened 30 years ago. I stopped drinking alcohol and I even quit smoking afterwards. That was it, I followed with Mestre. I took him as a godfather because everything emanated from him, everything passed through his hands, everything, everything, everything. And in this work my thought was: Mestre was alone in the living room, seated on his little stool as it was his custom.

I took his blessing like a son, and he said, “Stand up! You can be standing. But not on your knees! Keep that in your heart, in your thoughts, have for me this hinarjo, but you can really call me Padrinho. Godfather is a disguised word but it means at the same time father.

From then on he is my godfather, until today. From there on I became very exited. Mestre was at hjnario at the time I joined in: I don’t feel embarrassment. On the contrary, I am honored to say it here – in the presence of any authority, in the presence of any audience – that I owe everything to Mestre Irineu, to his teachings, to this [spiritual] house, even my own existence.

The cause of me being alive today I owe to him. I am absolutely sure that if he hadn’t had compassion and hadn’t led me to find a thing like this, I would have already died a long time ago.

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Mestre never told a thing only once as he had the ability to foresee coming events. To know what had happened as well as what is happening isn’t very difficult, but to know what is going to happen, what will be tomorrow, is a little hard to tell. But he had powers and he would pass it to us.


He knew the day and the hour of his death. He knew that he was going to depart and we were the ones who didn’t know – unbelievers that we were, or still are.

And he said it very clearly and we spent time doubting, thinking that it wasn’t going to happen, and, if jinario was going to happen, that he would deliver us first and then go as the last. He used to say. I look to the fraternity, my people, but I don’t see a person to hand over this work.

But Mestre went even further, telling of it this way: At any instance you get together – get united, drink the Daime and call me – I will be there. I today believe that hinnario is hinatio us even better, however we lament for having lost that materialized contact, that mestfe, that hug, that word.

But, on the other hand, there isn’t any more that liberty to abuse, because it was easy; he was there. One could go there whenever they wanted and the way they wanted, even to be unpleasant.

What exists between us and Mestre, today, are the best of the impressions. Being a little bit in the line – I am not going to say perfectly in the line because we are still seeking this perfection. I affirm that all that is needed and all that is necessary is never going to be lacking.

Just as Jesus said: He is my God and my thing is with Mestre. It is in the happiness, it is in the sadness, in the pain, in the affliction. May you protect me my Mestre, my father. Jesus said that he was the path, the truth and life; indeed, it is thus to be with him. I say that, even sleeping, I remember him because when I wake up I am already remembering him. This is just the truth. When Padrinho Irineu died he left us gathered in a single group only, but it couldn’t stay contained inside four walls, without having any expansion.

It had to happen this way. There weren’t any ways of transportation and he would arrive with that loyal group, the people who are with him until today. Then he decided to break apart and we stayed here. Luiz Mendes now lives in Vila Fortaleza, the community he founded, roughly km away in Capixaba, Acre.