historia de la narrativa hispanoamericana, a partir de la experiencia de .. Goic, Cedomil: Historia de la novela hispanoamericana. Valparaiso, Ediciones. Historia de La Novela Hispanoamericana Intro Cedomil Goic – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. Cedomil Goic is the author of La novela hispanoamericana ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews, published ), Historia Y Critica De La Literatura Hisp.

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This journal appears regularly, twice hitsoria year. It welcomes writings previously unpublished and in Spanish. Revista Chilena de Dr addresses a whole range of topics: The journal is organized into four sections: The reviews will deal with literary works and books or journals specialized in topics related to literature. Each dossier is coordinated by an academic specialist in the subject. The contributions to the dossier, like the rest of the studies published by our journal, are submitted to the process of double blind peer review.

Manuscripts form and preparation. Revista Chilena de Literatura has an Editorial Staff nistoria can accept or reject the submitted works, according to whether or not they adapt to the editorial line of our publication. The final decision will be communicated to the author within a maximum period of six months.

Historia de la Novela Hispanoamericana by Mili Gibbs on Prezi

If after the evaluation process it is determined that the text should be improve minor modificationsthe author will have a period of about one month to do so. Once the changes are made, the author must make a new submission of the writing, with a list that allows comparing the changes regarding the first version. An article that has been rejected after the blind peer review process cannot be sent back to our journal. The submission, edition and publication processes have no cost for the authors.


Instructions for authors Manuscript form and preparation 1 Layout: Articles, notes and documents: These may be added to the text once it has been accepted for publication. The text must not exceed 25 pages Times New Roman 12, 1.

In the case of articles, the submission must include translation of the title into English, and an abstract in both Spanish and English that does not exceed 10 lines. The author should hislanoamericana suggest 5 key words in Spanish and English.

All tables and images, if any, must be inserted in the file consecutively numbered, including their legend and source. Its extension should not exceed 5 pages. The content or bibliographic commentary notes should be written as foot notes. The bibliographic references of direct, indirect quotes and other types of references cf.

Cedomil Goic

If there is a reference to several works by the same author, the beginning of the corresponding title must be included in italics, separated by a space following the title Ortiz, Contrapunteo For a better understanding, some examples are provided: Single title by two authors: Altamirano y Sarlo Single noveal with more than two authors: Quoting an indirect source: The most extensive ones should go in paragraphs marked by indentation to the left of the text.


At the end of the quotation, the bibliographic reference should be specified following the guidelines provided above. The quotation marks of the citations and of the ones displayed as foot notes that refer to comments, explanations or bibliographic notes, must be rendered in the following way: Bibliography The bibliography, at the end of the text, should only include the works cited.

The main conventions for quotations are presented through examples as follows: Hispwnoamericana name of the author, name. Title of the book in italics. Single title by one author: Year of first edition: Altamirano, Carlos y Beatriz Sarlo.

Single title by several authors: Zea, Leopoldo, et al. Textos y documentos completos. Historia de la literatura hispanoamericana. Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Title of the article in italics. Name of the journal in italics.

Revista Chilena de Literatura 61 Name of the website in italics. Date of publication or of latest updating. Revista Chilena de Literatura receives contributions hispanoamricana its evaluation in a permanent form between the months of March and December of each year.

The authors will receive an automatic email confirming the receipt of their writing; otherwise, we appreciate writing to our email: Editorial policies Manuscripts form and preparation Manuscript submission.