Odwira takes place on the Monday after the Homowo festival. It’s a chiefly procession that takes place in Ga Mashie. Chiefs walk or are carried in floats around. Homowo Festival: This is a special food festival celebrated by the GA’s, the people of Greater Accra Region. It is characterised by rituals such as the sprinkling of. Homowo Festival On Saturday I attended the Homowo Festival in Accra James Town which is celebrated in the Ga states by the Ga people of.

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Homowo Festival 2018

How did Star beer enter Jamestown?? Drinking of alcohol has no gender or age element in terms of elderly people – grandmas drunk the beer as much as the youth Tents with small group of people under it everywhere festval the streets A lot of huge SPEAKERS all over town with loud noise from one set of speakers blending into an equally noise sound from the next.

Ga need to think about how they will feed themselves They started fishing and growing food Homowo is the celebration to drive hunger away. The throwing of food for people who died during the famine ancestors The throwing of alcohol, libation, used to be water since water is the connection between earth and sky – living and spiritual. Why is water replaced by alcohol?

These festivals are not static traditions, but are celebrations that reflect the ethos of the people which includes cultural, historical, spiritual, emotional and performative elements. As an alternative to ordinary encyclopedia entries about festivals this booklet tries to give you a subjective and contemporary view on some traditional Ga festival celebrations.


There is a popular belief that every Ga family has at least one or more twin, homoow almost every household in the Ga Mashie participate in the festival which takes form at least the most visual and public elements in a possession performance.

Each entourage consists of family members, one or more set of twins predominantly younger twins and one or more possessed family member. Dancing and flying chief during the Odwira.

Ghana’s capital welcomes the world to celebrate the Ga tribe’s harvest festival, Homowo

Odwira is also celebrated by the people of Jamestown as a result of the long influence of the Akans in the region. Odwira takes place on the Monday after the Homowo festival. Chiefs walk or are carried in floats around the entire Ga Mashie.

During the period of festival social statuses and structures are in abeyance. Similar to the reenactment of the ritual homlwo with rubbish objects, some groups of young guys dress up in female clothing and dance femininely and some elderly people dress in school uniforms.

The pictures depict two women carrying a bowl tsese guided by one or two family members.

Ghana: Homowo Festival – When the City of Accra Goes Quiet –

The carrying of the tsese is understood to induce a state of possession. Most of the possessed are women, barefooted and experience the possession in various ways.

Some of them walk slowly and calmly and others move in a more frenzied manner charging towards another carrier or the crowd forcing it back, screaming in excitement only to move forward again in order to both see the next group of family.

Throwing and sharing of Kpokpoi grinded corn mixed with palm nut oil, to get the bright yellow colour, and eaten with palm nut soup and big fish such as tuna. A lot of huge speakers all over town with loud noise from one set of speakers blending into an equally noisy sound from the next tower of speakers.


Uncontrolled movements by the possessed carrier of homowi tsese. Potion flows over the edges and spills on the carrier and audience. Family members hold the possessed carrier. The colour white as a colour of festivity representing symbols of purity and holiness and it is the only colour worn by priests. During a period of severe famine there was coincidently a boom of twin deliveries.

Homowo Festival – Ghana – Awuni Walking Tours – Roots To Glory

Shortly after the Ga experienced a period of abundance from both the sea and the festivzl. Twins are therefore associated with symbols of abundance, good luck and blessings. Many of the younger twins are placed on the shoulders of adults in their family in order to better display them for the public.

Kpokpoi for ancestors carefully being placed on top of white shrines. A group of small boys jogging down the street carrying an object made out of rubbish, and chanting.

A contemporary version of the tsese-carrying tradition is performed by several groups of young guys often wearing soccer jerseys. Instead of the traditional bowl of herbs a guy carries an object made of rubbish on top of his head. Around the chief and his family, a protective circle is formed of people holding hands During the period of festival social statuses and structures are in abeyance.