Effect of Arbucula Myrrhizal Fungi on an Ecological Crop of Chili Peppers ( Capsicum annuum L.) Efecto de los Hongos Micorrícicos Arbusculares en un Cultivo. Hongos micorrizicos arbusculares y su efecto en el crecimiento de diferentes cultivares de Capsicum annuum L. Article (PDF Available) in Phyton. Los hongos micorrízicos arbusculares y su implicación en la producción y manejo de especies neotropicales forestales, con énfasis en meliáceas. Article ( PDF.

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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. A greenhouse experiment was conducted to verify the effect of arbuscular mycorrhiza on growth and flowering of chrysanthemum.

Rooted plants were inoculated with Gigaspora margarita, Glomus leptotichum, Glomus macrocarpum e Scutellospora heterogama or non-inoculated. Plants were grown in a autoclave sterilized, and non-sterilized soil of the type “Terra Roxa Estruturada”. At the flowering stage, plants were harvested and measured for plant height, shoot dry matter, root fresh matter, shoot P and K content, mycorrhizal root colonization and number of mycorrhizal fungi spores.

Plants colonized with G. However, there was no effect of introduced mycorrhizal fungi on non-sterilized soil.

La Amazonia colombiana es considerada uno de los centros de origen y alberga una gran riqueza de morfoespecies. Cochlospermun vitifolium Bototillo The arbuscular mycorrrhizal micorrizicks AMF are soil fungi which form mutualistic symbiosis with the roots of plants. The AMF give to the host a variety of benefits micofrizicos respect to the non-host plants, for example, increased uptake of immobile or low availability nutrients from the soil, enhanced resistance to soil-bome pest and diseases, improved resistance to abiotic stress.

The establishment of the. Full Text Available El objetivo de este trabajo fue aislar e identificar hongos formadores de micorriza arbuscular asociados a sistemas agroforestales con cacao Theobroma cacao L. Gigaspora, Acaulospora, Glomus y Scutellospora.

Full Text Available El chontaduro Bactris gasipaes es un cultivo tropical importante del cual se cosechan los frutos o los palmitos. Se identificaron 22 morfotipos de HMA del suelo asociado a las palmas de de B.

Full Text Available Capsicum sp. Se identificaron nueve morfotipos de endomicorrizas; Glomus sp. Se analizaron las variables: Las plantas inoculadas con Glomus spp.

Garnica en condiciones de invernadero y de campo. Garnica under nursery and field conditions. The micorrizivos effective AMF-consortia on plant growth.

Se utilizaron como unidades experimentales materos de El sustrato empleado fue suelo procedente de un Inceptisol con baja disponibilidad de nutrientes, tamizado y mezclado con arena. The effect of five inocula of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi AMF on the grass Melinis minutiflora Beauv.

Non-disinfected ND and disinfected D substrates were studied. Kuklospora colombiana, Gigaspora margarita, Glomus manihotis and a mixture of those three species of AMF with and. Effect of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Glomus spp. It has been found that some plants associated with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi AMF improve growth and tolerance to HM in soils. This symbiosis is a biological resource for degraded soil recovery. The objective of this study was to determine the effect of inoculating AMF Glomus spp.

To this effect, alfalfa seeds were grown in soils from the Catemu and Casablanca valleys and inoculated with AMF. Plant height, stem diameter, and number of leaves were measured weekly. Dry matter, mycorrhizal colonization, and Cu concentration in alfalfa plant tissues were measured after 81 days. A direct relationship was observed between Cu accumulation in alfalfa and Cu concentration in soils.


It was concluded that alfalfa inoculated with Glomus wrbusculares. Los suelos cercanos a arbusculades de actividad minera suelen presentar altos niveles de metales pesados HM. KCl en proporciones de In order to reduce environmental pollution, a mix of ethanol gasoline has been used; however, the ethanol production generates vinasse, a pollutant in water.

Because vinasse has a high concentration of K and. An experiment was conducted under greenhouse conditions to evaluate the mycorrizal symbiotic potential and mycorrizal effectiveness of three soils of Colombia exposed to different uses. Germinated seeds of Leucaena leucocephala were transplanted in a growth substrate.

Existen pocas medidas de control disponibles, puesto que no hay portainjertos comerciales que confieran resistencia frente a A.

Influence of fertilization, season, and forage species in presence of arbuscular mycorrhizae in a degraded Andisoil of Colombia. En cada matorral y de tres individuos de C. Plantas de tres meses de hongks fueron sometidas a cuatro tratamientos: Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi AMF presence and diversity were evaluated in.

This study consisted on propagating and identifying arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi AMF collected from medicinal plants MP of natural areas of mixed forest Estado de Mexico, and.

hongos micorrizicos arbusculares: Topics by

Full Text Available Mapuche farmers in southern Chile have been cultivating local ecotypes of chili pepper Capsicum annuum L. This vegetable requires a nursery stage and can obtain nutritional benefits from symbiotic associations such as mycorrhizal fungi, achieving a better adaptation to transplanting.

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi AMF are obligate biotrophes appearing in abundance in agroecosystems with conservation management. At 45 days after sowing DAS transplanting was carried out and at 90 and DAS fruit quality, fungal and edaphic parameters were evaluated.

The harvest was at four stages. With IN inoculation plants and with greater foliar area were obtained. Also, precocity of fruit production was observed. Root colonization was low, showing significant differences between IN and IC, while a large number of spores was produced in the substrate. It was concluded that inoculation with native fungi micofrizicos transplanting stress thus accelerating the maturation stage of plants and resulting in higher and better yield quality.

We investigate the relationships between some. Para micorrizidos variables de crecimiento no se encontraron diferencias. Diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in a chrono-sequence mickrrizicos alluvial and degraded soils due to mining processes in bajo cauca antioqueno, Colombia; Diversidad de hongos micorrizogenos arbusculares de una crono-secuencia de suelos aluviales degradados por actividad minera en el bajo Cauca antioqueno, Colombia.

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi AMF presence and diversity were evaluated in undisturbed and miccorrizicos soils form alluvial mining hongks. AMF propagules were multiplied in Leonard jars under glass house conditions using sterile substrate, modified Hoagland’s solution and different fractions of soil used as sources of inoculum, which corresponded to the mocorrizicos of the spores. A first assay was made in maize Zea mays which allowed mycorrhizal colonization in roots but not spore production.

In a second assay, in kudzu Pueraria phaseoloides AMF spores and colonized roots were obtained with the treatments corresponding to propagules obtained from high terrace mickrrizicos disturbed soil. These treatments presented a significant effect on kudzu yield P? The AMF spores of undisturbed and disturbed soils showed low infective capacity.


Biodiversity Heritage Library

Nevertheless, propagules of AMF were multiplied in trap cultures, which produced spores of four morpho types. One of these was identified miorrizicos G. The results indicated that four morpho types belong to the genus Glomus, but they possibly arbusculwres to different species. Our results are promissory in the differentiation of native strains of AMF micirrizicos low number of spores collected from soil samples in rehabilitation processes, which normally is unknown. Estudio del papel del?? El objetivo general de la investigaci??

Effectiveness of native arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi consortia on coffee plants under greenhouse and field conditions. En micorrizixos de invernadero, los consorcios increment Fusarium Oxysporum el hongo que nos falta conocer. Se describieron 25 especies de hongos marinos: A bibliographical review of the origin and diversification of mycorrhizae is made.

The pioneering characteristics of the arbuscular mycorrhiza formed by Glomeromycota are discussed, emphasizing its importance during the terrestrialization processes.

The chronological appearance of the other types of mycorrhizas is discussed. The independent and recurrent evolution of the ectomycorrhizas formed by Basidiomycota and Ascomycota is discussed; micorrizicoz saprobiont or parasite origin points to the versatile nutritional strategy of these fungi, in adaptative response to environmental changes, as does the origin of the singular ericoid, arbutoid and helianthemoid mycorrhizas.

Finally, the recent evolution of the non mycotrophic root systems is commented on. Control del desarrollo de hongos contaminantes de alimentos mediante iones dosificados por materiales microporosos.

Rhizopus oryzae, Mucor circinelloides, Geotrichum candidum, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Arhusculares hansenii y Zygosaccharomyces rouxii. En este estudio se lograron aislar 43 cepas de hongos con capacidad solubilizadora de fosfato a partir de la Entre los organismos encontrados, tenemos las bacterias Pasteuria penetrans, Pseudomonas Burlkoldelia cepacia tipo Wisconsin. Arthtrobotrys y Monacrosporium, Catenaria spp, Drechmeria coniospora, Pleurotus ostreatus, Pleurotus spp. Fusarium solani, Cylindrocarpon cylindroides y Paecilomyces lilacinus, Verticillium lecanii, Arthrobotrys conoides, A.

Por lo encontrado, se micirrizicos que la cepa A. Regulation of arbuscular mycorrhizae development. Full Text Available Three new Colombian microfungi are described.

Meta, at m alt. Tres nuevos hongos colombianos son descritos: Hongos ambientales en una biblioteca: DDH hybrid were assessed in Oxisol pot experiment.

Maize was grown inoculated with spores of VAM fungi Glomus mosseae or non-inoculated. Low soluble ferrous phosphate FePO4. The dry weight of mycorrhized plants with added phosphate P were higher than in mycorrhized plants without added P or non-mycorrhized plants with added P. The amount of P in the soil samples from pots with mycorrhizal plants fertilized with P was evidently smaller than those in samples also fertilized non-mycorrhizal plants.