You can ask Howdens to measure for you and in return your builder/fitter gets a detail list of everything, price list and 3d colour drawing of what. Thursday 5th March What are the likely price differences between going through a trade account at Howdens or just Joe Bloggs buying them? . me a few weeks ago that he has seen 75% off Howden’s list price for kitchens in the past. I have lost work before because Howdens cant compete on prices. . fixed and anyone caught advertising below the manufacturers guide price.

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Latest Features British Columbia: Browse cars for sale. Search My Stuff What’s New 3 12 24 Howdens Kitchens – is this a good price? Prev 1 of 3 3 Next. You wouldn’t walk into tesco and demand they sold stuff at cost price why would you expect any one else do the same! Ashtray83 posts months. The carcasses are just as good as any others I have fitted, that said it all depends if the trade is trying to pass off 15mm and the cheaper end chipboard pvc edged doors as top of the range.


Little Lofty 1, posts 87 months. Are you getting your appliances from Howdens too and if so what kind of prices are they offering or did you find them cheaper elsewhere? I’m about to get a Howdens kitchen.

Ade07 posts months. Spending 3 and a half grand with them and they’ll deliver for free.

HotJambalaya 1, posts months. Effectively the thing though, is at howdens the discount is utterly meaningless. Just look at the bottom line.

As above their appliances are total crap, they can supply bosch etc but the prices are not at all competitive. I didn’t use them in the end, a friend has a rental with a howdens kitchen, hinges are buggered, soft closes dont work etc.

Howdens discount | Screwfix Community Forum

The units themselves seem ok though. Harry Flashman 13, posts months. My builder, who I trust implicitly, swears by Howdens except for their appliances. Also with Howdens, note that they do not offer uowdens end user a warranty only the trader who purchased it. So if you “borrow” a trade card and buy yourself any warranty claim has to go through the trade card holder.

If they are no longer around you have no warranty.

Hey all, I’ve just had this Howdens quote through which to me seems stupidly expensive as it’s only for the units as I can get a good discount through work on bosch stuff so going to go down that route for them.

Sorry if the picture is crap I can email it people to look better. Edited by richatnort on Monday 12th September Tell them to do p s off again and they will ring back with a more reasonable quote.


Howdens Kitchen Prices The Kitchen From Howden Kitchen Prices –

Alan, of Devonshire Lane – you might want to have another go at redacting content. I’m currently in the throws of buying a kitchen. I also got a price from Magnet as whilst more expensive, for me there is a value in having a shop you can walk into. I mention it as and I know this sounds obvious, but Magnet ‘make’ and sell units.

howdens prices

This is where they make their money. I went in thinking that I would get a better deal if I bought worktops and appliances and generally spent more money with them.

You don’t, get them to price up the whole thing then just the cabinets, you’ll save yourself a grand or so on the units if you sweet talk the designer, as they work to a minimum level of profit on a job and there’s more profit in the cabinets. Same quartz from Worktops. That Tewksbury kitchen quote doesn’t seem to bad considering its solid oak.