Buy CATURA DIGITAL Y REVELADO DE RAW by Hugo Rodríguez (ISBN: ) from TÉCNICAS DE CAPTURA DIGITAL **MARCOMBO. Libros de Segunda Mano – Bellas artes, ocio y coleccionismo – Diseño y Fotografía: Captura digital y revelado de raw / hugo rodríguez / bit & pixel – marcombo. Yo mismo me planteo claramente usar este sistema en la siguiente edición de mi Captura digital y revelado de RAW. Esperemos que los.

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So far I have already tested a few monitors, and lately from BenQ. They are professional-grade, high-performance monitors, and they really do deliver great results. I have never had a special interest in projectors, but the truth is that when I teach and there is a good projector in the classroom, it is very much appreciated. Most of the time I have achieved a decent result, but often at the cost of sacrificing a lot of brightness, so I had to teach the class in the dark.

And in cases where the brightness was sufficient, the colors look poor.

Sometimes the colors are really so poor, that some photographs are really revelaco, very strange. It is not uncommon for red, orange and yellow to appear to have deflated completely. Well, in november I happened to come across an ad for BenQ in which they showed the benefits of their latest home cinema projector, the W And after a few emails back and forth, they agreed. The BenQ W is a very surprising home cinema projector, captuda it digitxl an image quality and performance that I have personally found in models that triple or quadruple its price.

The fact is that in recent years I have had to calibrate professional range projectors in small video rooms and some home cinemas, and I know well the image quality they achieve.

In addition, having calibrated and measured them, I also know exactly what their qualities are in terms of contrast, colour, brightness…. Well, in my opinion, this W comes to revolutionize the market because it competes, not with those of its price, but digihal those of several superior ranges.

Captura digital y revelado de RAW (Colección Bit & Píxel, 2)

For example, some display a FullHD resolution image which has half the resolution, and a quarter as much in pixels as a 4K that moves 1 px up and down rodriguuez, which at first glance makes it appear to be twice the resolution, but the reality is that the level of detail is much lower.


Many models that are advertised as 4K do hug really have the 8Mp that this standard defines but actually have half: An enhanced 4K projector only produces half the pixels true 4K can produce, and it usually refers to pixel shifting technology.

This mostly shows 2K resolution, but fired twice to show seemingly 8 Mp on the screen. The BenQ W is revelwdo projector of, say, medium size.

Captura digital y revelado de RAW by Hugo Rodriguez

It looks smaller in pictures than it is. The design, although this is a rather personal thing, I find it quite pleasant. The soft curves almost make it look like a cushion that you want to caress. The location of the controls is typical: It rebelado two HDMI inputs but they are not the same.

The one on the left.

rodrigjez It supports HDMI 2. It also has two USB inputs, a small one and a standard one. The small one is for service purposes only, but the normal one allows you to connect a fodriguez drive or hard disk directly and play it from there. In addition, it provides 1. The legs allow tilt adjustment on both axes, with the only front leg easily adjustable in height. The back panels are threaded to allow for easy levelling.

One snag is that the glue on the front leg comes off easily, but with a few drops of glue you can fix it quickly. The remote control is very well organized, very bright, easy to read, and all the keys are backlit for easy viewing in the dark.

The layout of the keys reminds me of models of much higher range and price than this one, with shortcuts to the important things to be adjusted: However, some keys are disabled but only indicated in the manual.

The installation does not involve any complications. The projector automatically recognizes the connected source and displays the image in a few seconds.

Switching on takes a long time about a minuteas does switching off. In that sense, it is similar to the other projectors. In my tests, I have always used it in the dark room, and I rrevelado not need reveladi use the normal mode; the Eco has the right brightness.


The first pleasant surprise came when I realized, after a huho looking at images, that I had never adjusted the convergence. I mean, depending on how the projector is placed, the image is distorted in a trapezoid shape, instead of being a perfect rectangle. I was a little perplexed because I had slightly adjusted the projector to tilt it slightly upwards and I knew that when I did that it was not perpendicular to the wall and therefore a trapezoidal image must appear.

But it turns out that -surprisingly- the W has an internal gyroscope and automatically corrects itself!

Yes, folks, it looks like mobile technology is now making its way into the projectors as well. I picked up the projector with my hands and tilted it slightly up and down and found that it rodruguez indeed correct itself in a few moments. What a great idea! Later I knew that is something already present in projectors for some time, but I was never aware of it.

With the projector already well installed, framed and focused, comes the second surprise: Obviously I am going to detail their virtues, but like all the caphura of this world, they are not free of defects. Well, trying to moderate myself with my words, I have to admit that this is the first time in many years that an image has impressed me so much.

Surely my impression is conditioned by the fact that the chosen wall is 3. Rodriguex, size matters, and a lot.

There are many aspects together that really impress. On the one captira, the shooting distance to which this screen is able to fill is quite short: In addition, having calibrated captufa measured them, I also know exactly what their qualities are in terms of contrast, colour, brightness… Well, in my opinion, this W comes to revolutionize the market because it competes, not with those of its price, but with those of several superior ranges.

An overview The BenQ W is a projector of, say, medium size.