This section of the manual contains information regarding the maintenance of your the Tracker being tested is referred to as the UUT (Unit Under Test). HUNTRON INSTRUMENTS, INC. TRACKERĀ® OPERATOR MANUAL. OCTOBER P/N Huntron and TrackerĀ® are registered trademarks. provides advanced troubleshooting capabilities to The Huntron Tracker is ideal for troubleshooting Manual or AutoScan. High Range Lockout.

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Not a protection Diode, I know they have a internal series resistor but that is made like that Diode has an internal series nuntron a. The early Huntron units were based on an oscilloscope octopus circuit.

Or i can use the lecroy and dump it all into matlab via GPIB build the graph from that. Then i have a choice, i can add a memory card to a pic and collect the data via serial on the tex, then download into matlab for graphing.

Huntron Instruments Test Set Service and User Manual

You hubtron have to bias the diode a few mV around zero to get an idea of the leakage resistance. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

BK Precision User Manual. The Tracker has all of the updates manuao would expect from a modern day Huntron Tracker including variable ranging voltage, source resistance and source frequencyLCD display with touch-screen controls and a DC Voltage Source for testing gated devices. I’d let your manager handle the shorted bus or shorted IC’s. Can’t I just use a AC power supply, 6. Service and User Manual Manuual I built a simple one a couple of weeks ago, manjal use it with a analogue scope, I will build a much better one next year.


The basic circuits are easily built and expanded upon. The nice thing about building an octopus and then moving along to a fancy version is you get a good visual representation of what is going on and gain a good understanding of things. Click here to register now.

Forums New posts Search forums. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in huntton you register. Scanned document, reading partly badly, partly not readable. One model of a diode is an ideal diode, a series resistor and a shunt resistor.

The textronix analogue scope we have will print direct to manua, printer, so i hope to get graphs from it. What is the name when there is an internal series resistor with a diode? Go find a good manual on a curve tracer and study it. One day, you should ask him to demonstrate his technique. We know manuap example what a Zener Diode does but when we see the actual curve plotted it becomes really cool.

I mamual you Google Oscilloscope Octopus as many of your questions would be answered with pictures. If you want to get an idea of what is going on using a Huntron Tracker do a Huntronn of Oscilloscope Octopus.

Or i could go straight into the GPID on pc from the scope then matlab, if i can get that working, and if i can build a decent DAC, then i could make a great transistor tester, that gives me real data curves for each transistor! Regressing a few data points through the origin on both sides will work. You state you have had 20 technician’s job’s, so i think it reasonable to assume for example you know how a Zener diode works? Non- Linear resistance in parallel b. Comparing Two Signatures of non bussed IC pins 3.


Stop electronic waste – fix it yourself

Huntron Test Signal frequencys are 60hz, hz, hz What did they choose these 3 for test signal frequencys? That would really help you learn and understand this type of testing.

Service and User Manual. This will draw a pretty shape on the screen depending on the values of X and Y.

Huntron Tracker Manual Download

Google of scope octopus? Your little diode test doesn’t measure leakage current, CAN help determine if it’s leaky. The Signatures of a curve tracer and huntro Signatures from a huntron track is the same right? The octopus circuit’s look simple, but there must be load’s of way’s to really make a good tester. So do you guys know about these signature How do you know when you got defective signatures and a bad component signature?

My managers favorite one which takes days to do 2.

Start with very low current? The Tracker is a general purpose troubleshooting test instrument. During one of my medical leaves mmanual work they trashed the old Tektronix curve tracer I loved. Then you will understand curve tracers, how they work and what they are capable of.

I yet to never had my hands on a curve tracer, but the huntron track is a curve tracer right?