An exercise book designed for the Hybrid Picking Guitarist – containing a well thought-out design of exercises, plus practical demonstrations of lead lines and. Hybrid Picking For Guitar jazz article by Ben McDonnell, published on June Boston-based guitarist and educator Gustavo Assis-Brasil has a. Hybrid Picking Lines and Licks for Guitar: Foreword by Guthrie Govan [Gustavo Assis-Brasil, Gustavo Assis-Brasil Music] on *FREE* shipping on.

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Discussion in ‘ Playing and Technique ‘ started by dorfmeisterApr 30, Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page is run by musicians for musicians. We’ve added some “new” guys to the moderator crew. All are longtime members that stepped up to the invite to help out by volunteering their fro and effort to help the membership experience on TGP aszis-brasil on the even keel.

A special thank you to the ‘new’ guys that helping out. Apr 30, 1. Just ordered this last night. Anybody else using this book? Any tips on how you are approaching it? Apr 30, 2. I’ve got it, but have had a hard time really biting into it.

The 1st half is almost all permutations of RH possibilities, on open strings I think it will hhbrid you where you want to go Apr 30, 3.

Gustao, I use it. I’ve posted my progress with it on the “What have you accomplished today GovernorSilverApr wssis-brasil, Apr 30, 4. I have the book, and have to agree with jimfog.

The first half if pretty dull stuff, and requires more discipline than I have at this time. It does have some cool pieces to learn, but I haven’t had much success in building up to them. NoahApr 30, Apr 30, 5. I originally approached it as a progressive lesson book.

Hybrid Picking for Guitar by Gustavo Assis-Brasil

Then someone else’s comment that it was akin to the Sheets Of Sound books influenced a change in my approach. I picked two pieces from the end of the book to learn and have been working on those two ever since.

I get the most satisfaction out of having a piece of music to work on, and then referring back to the appropriate exercise s to fix technical problems. If you have very little previous hybrid picking or fingerpicking experience like I did, a month working the open string picking-hand drills might be in order for you, before tackling anything that requires both hands. I don’t think an excessive amount of time spent on them before playing anything else int he book is necessary.


Just a month spent on these open-string drills, with a metronome and that metronome set to a slow tempo, may save you headaches down the road, because you’ll have given your picking hand a chance to get some of the coordination down. I personally experienced difficulty at the very beginning in hybrid picking with any right-hand pattern that was not a straight up pick-m-a-c, or straight down c-a-m-pick pattern.

Anything that required fingers to pick “out of sequence”, like a pinky c note followed by a middle finger m note, was trouble. These open string drills fixed that. Apr 30, 6.

How effective do you think these drills would be in developing fingerstyle technique as well? I would like to try them both with the pick and without. Apr 30, 7. If you substitute your index finger or thumb for the pick, they should be sasis-brasil, and Assis-Brasil says so in the book, as I recall.

He cites his classical guitar training as a source for his book, and thus many of the open-string drills may be familiar to someone with classical guitar training. May 1, 8. Gustavo gustavvo a second book out: MitaMay 1, May 1, 9. I didn’t really like most of the “etudes” presented, but it will get you started. I’m an acoustic guitarist for the most part, so I really just wanted to get the pick in there.

Sunbreak MusicMay 1, May 2, GovernorSilverMay 2, May 3, Sunbreak MusicMay 3, At least that makes it a bit more musical. I think the payoffs are long-term with this book. I wish he’d spent more time describing the physical technique though May 6, GovernorSilverMay 6, May 9, Oct 29, I’ve decided to, for the most part, lose the pick and I have been using these exercises to develop my fingerpicking. Has anyone used Assis-Brasil’s second book on hybrid picking: Single Note Permutations http: Unfortunately, as I type, the page is down.

Oct 30, Just ordered the second book in the series. GovernorSilverOct 30, May 20, Just got the book – I won’t ever abandon the pick though – I could never play Miserlou if I did! May 31, Just received my copy of Hybrid Picking Exercises: Single Note Permutationsthen remembered this thread existed. As the title implies, the book focuses on permutations of the left hand fingers on frets combined with permutations the right hand fingers on strings. It’s like he took the classic “permutations of ” exercise and made it 2-dimensional.


The author’s argument for practicing permutation exercises: Inspiration for new musical ideas and less dependency on “muscle memory” when you improvise. This book is intended to be a supplement to the original Hybrid Picking For Guitar book. That book remains the best overall book I’ve seen for introducing hybrid picking technique to guitarists with zero background in fingerstyle playing like me.

The Single Note Permutations book focuses strictly on one topic, with almost 60 pages of short exercises followed by longer ones. One thing I noticed about the original book is the leap in difficulty from the “Hybrid Picking Exercises” section to the “Lines” and “Compositions” sections.

The phrases in the Lines section sound great in the included CD, but require a lot of coordination between the left and right hands. For example, the first phrase uses this right-hand pattern: The newer book appears to fill in this “difficulty level gap” nicely. No, getting the Single Note Permutations book doesn’t mean I’ve mastered the original book.

Admittedly, I still don’t improvise much with hybrid picking, but that’s not the fault of the book – since I last posted on this thread, I focused more on learning gustavp arrangements of wssis-brasil tunes, and getting better at playing the viola. I still get bored with the idea of “soloing” on guitar, but see the value in coming up with cool riffs and other guitar parts for tunes using hybrid picking. GovernorSilverMay 31, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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Just ordered “Hybrid Picking for Guitar” by Gustavo Assis-Brasil | The Gear Page

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