Hygrophila spinosa T. Anderson, commonly known as Gokulakanta (Hygrophila) is a well known medicinal plant found in all over India. Hygrophila spinosa T. Anders (Acanthaceae) is described in Ayurvedic literature as Ikshura, Ikshugandha and Kokilasha “having eyes like Kokila or Indian. Hygrophila spinosa on [family ACANTHACEAE ] Verified by Not on sheet, Hygrophila auriculata (Schumach.) Heine [family ACANTHACEAE ] (stored .

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Phytochemical and pharmacological potential of Hygrophila spinosa T. P India Source of Support: Hygrophils, Conflict of Interest: Anders Acanthaceae is described in Ayurvedic literature as Ikshura, Ikshugandha and Kokilasha “having eyes like Kokila or Indian cuckoo”, common in moist places hyhrophila the banks of tanks, ditches, paddy fields etc. Seeds, whole plant, leaves, roots and ash of the plant are predominantly used for the treatment of various ailments.

The compounds identified in H. Ethanolic extract of the fruits, hydroalcoholic extract of whole plant and crude petroleum ether extract of the plant are having anticancer activity.

Antibacterial activity was exhibited by the chloroform and methanol extract of the whole plant, and methanolic extract of the leaves. Antifungal activity against Aspergillus tamari, Rhizopus solani, Mucor mucedo and Aspergillus niger is due to the proteins and peptides present in jygrophila plant. Potential in treating liver diseases of the aerial parts, roots and whole plant was studied by various models viz.

Seeds, leaves, aerial parts and roots showed antinociceptive activity which was studied using both chemical and thermal methods of nociception in mice. Some Ayurvedic, Unani and Siddha formulations of the plant are claimed to have anabolic-cum androgenic like activity.

The plant was also spinos for haematopoeitic, hypoglycemic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, hypotensive, diuretic, macrofilaricidal activities etc. Apart from the above established studies the plant is traditionally used for the treatment of anasaraca, diseases of urinogenital tract, dropsy of chronic Bright’s spionsa, hyperdipsia, vesical calculi, flatulence, diarrhea, dysentery, leucorrhoea, gonorrhoea, asthma, blood diseases, gastric diseases, painful micturition, menorrhagea etc.

Therefore, these informations will help the scientists and researchers to screen the compounds responsible for different bioactivities and to elucidate the mechanism of action. Acanthaceae, Anticancer, Flavonoids, Hygfophila spinosa, Phytosterols.

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Hygrophila auriculata – Useful Tropical Plants

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Hygrophila auriculata – Marsh Barbel

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Hygrophila auriculata

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