From Latin injūria (“injury”) + sine (“without”) + damnō, ablative singular of damnum (“financial or property loss”). Literally meaning “injury without financial loss”. The maxim damnum sine injuria can be better explained by the following mathematical formula as deduced by Prof. S.P. Singh in his book ‘Law. In simple words, Injuria sine damno means Injury without damage or it means infringement of an absolute private right without any actual loss or damage.

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In such case, the person need not prove the actual damage caused to him. Example Trespass to land or property.

Difference between Damnum sine injuria and Injuria sine damno – SRD Law Notes

Suppose ‘A’ enter a private compound nijuria permission of the owner just for asking water, here the moment ‘A’ step in, A commit trespass and action can lie against ‘A’ even no actual damage is caused. Refused the plaintiff to offer or to tender his lawful vote to his candidate.


Even though plaintiff suffered no actual loss in term of money, or the candidate to whom plaintiff was interested got elected, defendant has committed injudia tort and therefore liable to pay compensation.

The name of plaintiff was deleted, dropped from voter list by the Deft corporation, so plaintiff couldn’t exercise his right to vote.

Damnum Sine Injuria and Injuria Sine Damno

Though there was sufficient amount in his account, the Deft banker refused to pay plaintiff without any reason. So plaintiff filed a suit against Deft banker for damage. Question – How tort can be discharged?

Explain various modes of discharging torts. Essential elements to constitute tort. Some Important Definitions of “Tort”. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook.

Injuria sine damno – SRD Law Notes

Meaning, Definition and Kinds of possession. According to Salmond, in the whole range of legal theory, there is no conception more difficult than that of Possession.


Doctrine of Res Gestae.

Meaning of Res Gestae: The term ‘Res’ is a Latin word which means “thing” and the expression “Res Gesta Definition of Transfer of Property and essentials For valid Transfer.

Define the term Transfer of propertywhat are the Essentials of a valid Transfer of Property?