Here’s how you can place an image in the background of your Urdu words written in Inpage; Start Inpage and write something in Urdu; Next. Online Urdu Editor – Find free Urdu typing keyboard and text editor for writing; typing online. Free inpage software for typing online. InPage is software for Urdu, Arabic, Persian and Pashto languages. Note that duplicate treats the selected objects as a group and while duplicating calculates .

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The First bar of the Application is called title bar which contain the close, Maximize, minimize button on right side on the very top of the interface and on the left side of the title bar contain Command button and The Application Name with user file name. The second bar is urcu menu bar which contain different menus and each menu contain different command which are used for creating and editing of the file.

Menu bar contain the following item: On the very left side of the inpage interface a bar is called Tools Bar.

Which contain different tools which are use in Inpage application. There are two Ruler in inpage interface. On is on the top of the working page and other is on left of the working page. These Ruler are used for measuring of the page width and length. This bar is placed at very bottom of the page which display the messages about user operation for impage caps lock information etc. At the bottom of the Inapge Interface and very left in the status bar a button with M caption, is placed for creating master page.

A zoom bar are used to page zoom in and out. This is placed in the bottom of the interface. In appearing dialog box set the value for page setup. The attributes that can be set in this dialog are: Select the page size from the Page Size combo box. If inpsge want to customize the page size then give the Page Width and Page Height.

You can also specify the number of pages in the document. Specify the page margins as distances from the respective page boundary. Specify the direction of text entered. If you want to increase the number of the column in your page then Specifies numbers of columns in the document. Specify the gap between columns. If this option is checked, then your document will be double sided. You thus get two master pages, left master page and right master page.

In a single sided document, you get only one master page, which is applied, nootes all the pages in the document. If krdu option is checked then you can view the pages in your document in Facing Pages Mode. In facing pages, two pages are displayed at a time, with both pages displayed side by side. Whereas in non-Facing pages, one page is displayed at a time. Place Command used for placing images in InPage in its original dimensions.


When you select Place form File menu it will be prompted with Place Picture dialog box. You can now choose the picture which you wish to place. After selecting the picture you will be prompted with a place cursor. You can click anywhere on the page to place the picture. For this purpose first of all ursu select the text Edit Mode.

To import picture do the following step: Select the text which you want to Export. Open File menu and select Export.

InPage – Wikipedia

In papering dialog box give the name of the file and click on save button. First select the Object mode. Select the selection tool arrow symbol from tool box.

Select the Image or text Box Click on image box or text box. Now open the file menu and click on Export command. Export dialogs will appear. Give the File Name with extension type. Check the Export Range check box as selected object. If you want to export Exports all the pages of current document as pictures then check the Export Range check box as All Pages. Find Replace command helps you locate and change text inside a text chain.

Find and Replace has an English and Urdu text toggle. If you want to match occurrence of the specified text in different case then check Noets Case option. If you do not want to match occurrence of the specified text within a word then check Match Whole word option. Click on Find Next button to start the search. If the text is found then the found text would be selected other wise the system will beep. Find dialog stays on top of the text until you press Cancel.

Allows you to search and replace nites text chain for Text or Text Type. Enter the text to be searched for in the Find Text edit control. Duplicate option is used to create duplicate object form selected object. Clear option in Edit menu is used to delete an object or text. Select the Text or object.

Click on Edit menu and click on Clear option. You can also use the delete key from keyboard. The selected text or object will be deleted. Story Editor option in Edit menu change the writing mode from normal page layout to Story editor mode and story editor mode to normal page layout you can also press F2 key for this purpose, In story editor mode is useful for ursu editing of story.

The size of the text can be set in the Story Editor Preferences. In story editor mode Tool BarRulers and guides are disable. Locks the guide prevents them from being accidentally modified. Select Edit menu and click on Lock guides. After this guides are not modifiable by mouse. In INPAGE if we have more than one pages inpxge our document and we want to delete one of the page in our document then we apply the following steps: Now click on Edit menu and select the Delete Page command.


In appearing dialog box select the From Page and To Page. Click on Ok button. Selected pages will be deleted from our document. In the ensuing dialog, you can enter the range of pages to be deleted. We also View the selected keyboard layout and can also edit in the case of User Defined Keyboards.

InPage Interview Questions & Answers

We can also make a new user defined keyboard for this purpose: The Typographic Preferences are used to change default values for text formatting.

The Typographic Preferences dialog box contain the following option: Set the width of the Nastaliq Space as a percentage of the font Size. Specifies the amount of Extra spacing to be added to the line when the text is in Horizontal direction. This value is specified in percentage. Reduce Latin Font inage Specifies the percentage reduction of Utdu Fontsize in comparison to Urdu Fontsize.

Write Urdu Over An Image In Inpage | Notes

For Example if Urdu char if of 10 pt. Specifies the space between English characters. Specifies the percent of font height by which to extend the top of boxed style above the top and below of the base characters. Specifies the amount of spacing to be given between the boxed style and text before and after as percent of font height. Saves the current in the preferences dialog as Application preferences, So that next time you make a new document it automatically takes these values.

This feature has been provided to automatically remove white space between nastaliq words.

This allows the nastaliq text to look more compact. When you are justifying Arabic text, you have an option to allow InPage to automatically insert the Kashida character instead of inserting extra white space. This button restores the default values of all the fields in this dialog. Click on Format menu and elect character option. The character formatting dialog box appears with following option: Font size in points, millimeters, centimeters, or inches. Font size can also be chosen from the drop down list.

For underline the text chose the style of under line. Selected text can be made Bold or Italics with this option. Choose the English font for the selected text. Choose the Arabic font for the selected text. Choose the Urdu font for the selected text.