Intellian’s i6/i6P provides HD channels from the Ku-band. The HD module is actually built-in to the Antenna Control Unit of the Intellian i6/i6P for seamless. Intellian i3 US System + Dish/Bell MIM Switch with RG6 1m Cable + RG6 Cable Intellian i2 TV System with North America H24 DIRECTV Receiver BSDT. Overview Intellian i-series. The i-series Marine Satellite Antennas are some of the most technologically advanced, dependable, and easy to use marine grade.

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Intellian┬« i6P – 60 cm, quad output

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If you continue to use our website, you are agreeing to such usage of cookies. Intellian’s best-selling system, the i6 is renowned for its robustness and exceptionally strong signal gain. Great for extended offshore voyaging, the i6 is ideal for ocean cruisers, larger yachts and commercial vessels.


Intellian┬« i6P – 60 cm, quad output

Intellian is responsible for the most significant advances in TVRO antenna technology in the last decade.

For years, a common issue faced by anyone using a conventional antenna has been having to climb intelliwn mast to remove the radome and change antenna components when moving from one global region to another.

This ground-breaking device eliminates the intelliwn to change antenna components or re-wire the system as a vessel travels across the globe. The Intellian MIM is required to facilitate automatic switching between satellites for these services, allowing boaters to enjoy changing channels with automatic satellite switching just like a home system.

See the Intellian MIM product guide for further details.

I agree More Infomaition. WorldView Ready WorldView readythe Intellian i6 i6o ideal for larger yachts or commercial vessels traveling across different global regions. With its highly accurate satellite tracking capability, the i6 outperforms in all conditions.

The available i6W is equipped with Intellian’s patented WorldView LNB, which allows for complete global operation without intelkian to adjust the antenna. The available i6P is equipped with Automatic Skew Control, which allows for better satellite tracking on vessels operating over greater distances.

Constant, Seamless Reception Intellian’s best-selling system, the i6 is renowned for its robustness and exceptionally strong signal gain.


Intellian Partner Portal Intellian inellian please to announce the introduction of our new Partner Portal.

Intellian Satellite TV

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