This answer key will be an invaluable aid to the beginning student who is teaching him- or herself Pali from A.K. Warder’s Introduction to Pali (3rdedition). Welcome to the Introduction to Pāli section of the Pariyatti Learning Center. Below, you will find a number . Vocabulary from Introduction to Pali by A.K. Warder. English to Pāli exercises in A.K. Warder’s Introduction to Pali Although the English to Pāli exercises in Warder are based on passages found in the Dīgha- nikāya.

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Introduction to Pāli

This course, Introduction to Pali by Ajahn Brahmali, is separated into 24 parts. The course is intended for those who wish to read content from the Pali canon, rather than those who wish to read, write and construct terms in Pali. Warfer course uses Introduction to Pali by A. Warder as the core text, and covers the first 16 chapters. PDF version of the course book: Introduction to Pali by A.

Course: Introduction to Pāli

Warders Introduction to Pali. Both the ‘Resilient’ and the ‘Website’ versions of the course are complete with all pdf’s and audio required for the course.

Once downloaded and installed on your device, neither version requires an internet connection to operate normally. Downloads Resilient Design [ MB]: The ‘Resilient’ version offers: The recordings are contained in the audio player for that page.


The audio player looks like this:. The audio player is always available. Once you scroll past it, it should reappear in the top right hand corner. The demonstration player on this page plays the short 4 minutes, 6 seconds audio file: This file relates to the Pali alphabet which is part of the first lesson, but is recreated below for reference.

On the player you will find a play button: When this button is pressed it will play the audio and the button will change to look wardrr this: You can then press it again to pause the audio – Try it for yourself. The volume is controlled using this button: Initially the volume button is set to maximum. When clicked for the first time it will be muted and shown as.

Ernest Bender & A. K. Warder, Introduction to Pali – PhilPapers

The volume control of the player is separate to the volume control of your computer, tablet, etc. If you cannot hear the audio, then you may need to turn up the master volume control on your device. On iOS devices iPad, iPhone, etc.

The centre line e. In addition, throughout the text on each page you will find “play time” buttons that look like this: These button will play warderr audio from the time indicated.

Each lesson has exercises at the end of it. At the start of the following lesson, Ajahn Brahmali takes the class through the exercises. The answers are revealed by clicking on the questions.


Alternatively you can reveal the answers with the ‘show all’ and ‘hide all’ buttons. Try it for yourself:. This is a question This is the answer.

An Introduction To The Pali Language

Here is another question Here is another answer. This is the third question This is the third answer. Scroll down to the buttons underneath the lovely pictures of A.

Warder and Ajahn Brahmali introductio click the button labelled ‘1’ to go to the first lesson. Skip to content Introduction to Pali. Resources The following resources are useful for the entire course: Offline Versions We offer introdiction versions of the course available for offline use: The ‘Website’ version offers: The Audio Player Each part of this course has its own individual page. Each of these pages has its recording of the class as given by Ajahn Brahmali.

The audio player looks like this: Resilient Design [ MB]: Website Design [ MB]: