IPCop is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License .. An appendix of this manual discusses running IPCop from a flash disk. vi. IPCop is a freeware software firewall solution that is easy to set up and incredibly secure. The manual is sketchy, but there is plenty of help on the internet. IPCop v Administration Manual Next IPCop v Administration IPCop Linux is published under the GNU General Public License.

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Now that we understand what IPCop is capable of as a firewall unconnected to any other i;cop, we need to start considering how it does connect to them, and what are the implications for us.

As you must now be realizing, the scope for deploying IPCop is quite varied, and especially in conjunction with a knowledge of Linux and the flexibility of open-source software, the number of possible permutations of even one Majual box are fairly limitless!

That said, there is a core of functionality used by the majority of networks, and among all of those permutations, there are a few core network layouts that will probably be common among the majority of IPCop deployments. What we will try to do here, therefore, is outline a few common methods of deploying IPCop and the motivation behind these topologies, depending on which IPCop components we want to deploy.


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How Networks are Structured. Other Services Sometimes Run on Firewalls. Free and Open Source Software.

IPCOP-V Administration Manual

The Purpose of IPCop. The Benefits of Building on Stable Components.

Trust Relationships between the Interfaces. Intrusion Detection with IPCop. Using Snort with IPCop.

IPCop Firewall

What to Do Next? What is a VPN? Managing Bandwidth with IPCop. Managing Bandwidth without a Cache.

Security and Patch Management. Logfiles and Monitoring Usage. Usage and Denial of Service.

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IPCOP-V2.0 Administration Manual

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