Items 1 – 21 of 21 IRE is a collection of peer-reviewed International Journals published by Praise International Review on Computers and Software (IRECOS). Home > Products > Journal and Reviews > S. > Latest issue. International Review on. Computers and Software (IRECOS) December ( Vol. 8 N. 12). IRECOS, the International Review on Computers and Software, was indeed discontinued by Scopus in due to “publication concerns”.

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Due to these challenges, data loss, frequent disconnection, unpredicted number of wireless and wired access and joyrnal transaction aborts has occurred in data and transaction management over distributed mobile paradigm. Cookies are used by this site.

Cloud computing enables the addition of colored displays to full-blown Web browsers. To securely communicate very large messages, the cryptographic primitive called irecoz efficiently implements the same and while most of the public key based systems are suitable for small messages, hybrid encryption KEM-DEM provides a competent and practical way. To decline or learn more, visit our Cookies Policy page.

Abstract – Most common issue the transport layer, data layer and network layer faces is the congestion problem in the MANETs. Spreading of this disease on the retina is prevented by automated early detection of presence of exudates. Year International Collaboration The “open access” publication fee for this journal is eurosnotwithstanding any possible increase. Read the complete Terms prior to use.

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Knowledge provided by data from mobile system has become very essential in many day-to-day applications. The old network then performs the data transmission to the new network. Regular publication fee and Open access publication fee options. We have developed an algorithm based on an estimated calculation of a virtual projection using the zero-padding interpolation.


Subscription Login to verify subscription Give a gift subscription. The second challenge of effectiveness will be solved using new matching score to obtain better retrieval effectiveness. We estimate the performance of several channel task techniques and discovery experientially that for reasonable extent systems of many nodes, the use of multiple occurrence scheduling can be sufficient to kournal maximum jourbal.

The chart shows the evolution of the average number of times documents published in a journal in the past two, three and four years have joirnal cited in the current year. Many advanced video applications such as video on demand and digital library indexation also require the scene detection to organize the video content. To overcome this issue MANETs needs a cross layer based congestion control technique that considers the hops and energy consumption during the transmission.

Data that will assist in developing this publishing platform may be shared with its developer in an anonymized and aggregated form, with appropriate exceptions such as article metrics. There are many approaches adopted for video based object detection and tracking. Diabetic patients lost its vision if the exudates will extend to the macular area of the retina. Make sure that telephone and fax numbers with country and area code are provided in addition to the e-mail address and the complete postal address.

International Review on Computers and Software (IRECOS) | Publons

Only permanent links to online resources are accepted see CrossRefor similar. In the second stage, feature extraction is performed where a total of 18 feature where extracted. Abstract – Satellite images provide important information on earth surface, geographic area, weather and natural phenomena.


Accordingly, the first challenges of large data processing will be handled through the semantic annotations method. Integrating the biometric traits increases the robustness of the person identification nournal reduces fraudulent access. First, depth-level curves were extracted to present 3D kournal data then, we investigate the dimensionality reduction offered by Random Projection to perform an artificial system for face recognition using Back-propagation neural network.

In order to solve the problem in digital watermarking, this research work proposes a biogeography algorithm with GA optimization to find the optimal allocation of location in images to embed information. It is mandatory to submit your original work in Microsoft Word format. When the source want to send some data to destination, it verifies the above said parameters and then decides to send the shrink packet.

International Review on Computers and Software (IRECOS)

Due to non-stationary nature of the EEG signal, the uses of time-frequency techniques are inevitable. In this paper we use journl techniques in the video processing field to discover the video scene segmentation.

Computer Science Theory, Methods and Tools Software engineering, algorithms and complexity, computational logic, formal methods, heuristics, mathematics and models of computation, programming languages ircos semantics. This new mobile paradigm enabled mobile devices to support data and transaction management in addition to the static nodes. Thematic areas include, but are not limited to: Uploading Supplementary Files This optional step allows Supplementary Files to be added to the submission.