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Datasheft, keep in mind that transient-response performance of buck regulators operated close to dropout is poor, and bulk output capacitance must often be added see Equation 11 on page The ISL include two.

The rectifier is a clamp across the synchronous rectifier that catches the negative inductor swing during the dead time between turning the high-side MOSFET off and the synchronous rectifier on.

ISL Datasheet(PDF) – Intersil Corporation

Connect to REF or leave floating for ultrasonic skip mode operation. The crossover point occurs at an even lower value if a swinging soft-saturation datashset is issl6236. Ignoring the sag due to finite capacitance: This effectively regulates the discharge current at the negative current limit in an effort to prevent excessively large dahasheet currents that cause potentially damaging negative voltages on the load.


Wide Input Voltage Range 5. Once activated, the controller continuously monitors the output for undervoltage and overvoltage fault conditions. The output capacitance must also be high enough to absorb the inductor energy while transitioning from full-load to no-load conditions without tripping the overvoltage fault latch.

EN1 or EN2 rising above 2. The ISL includes on-board power-up sequencing, the power-good POK outputs, digital soft-start, and internal soft-stop output discharge that prevents negative voltages on shutdown.

ISL6236 Datasheet PDF

Connect PGND externally to the underside of the exposed pad. Dimensions are in millimeters. When in switchover, the LDO output can source up to mA.

Low inductor values allow the inductor current to slew faster, replenishing charge removed from the output filter capacitors by a sudden load step. VDROP1 is the sum of the parasitic voltage drops in the inductor discharge path, including synchronous rectifier, inductor, and PC board resistances?

All Datashheet Reserved All other trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. EN1 or EN2 falling below 1. All circuitry off except VREF3. This practice is essential for high efficiency.

ISL overview, product comparison and replacement search

There is an internal 5? POK1 is datasheeet impedance when the output is in regulation and the soft-start circuit has terminated. Copyright Intersil Americas Inc. This voltage is approximately This device features a linear regulator providing 3. For a given value of h, the minimum operating voltage can be calculated as: Also, total output ripple above 3.


High-Efficiency, Quad-Output, Main Power Supply Controllers For Notebook Computers

It also serves as the SMPS1 feedback input in fixed-voltage mode. F, depending on the input and output voltages, external components, and PC dataseet layout.

Connect each of these individually to the star ground via, which connects the top side to the PGND plane. The bias generator blocks include the linear regulator, 3.

Lower input voltages result in better efficiency. The actual capacitance value required relates to the physical size needed to achieve low ESR, as well as to the chemistry of the capacitor technology. This device features datasheeg linear regulator providing 3.

Internal LDO is active.