I would like to use iText with Java. Does anyone have some demo code how I can solve my problem? Thank you! Here’s some code which only works when the . Acrobat Approval and third party component like FDFMerge can accomplish that. But they are function in iText that can merge and flatten FDF but failed. Does. The following Java program, merge_pdf_fdf, demonstrates how to merge or flatten a PDF and its form data FDF [Hack #77] using iText. Run this code from your.

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I now have to add another PDF to the end of the form I have been filling out, but when I do this, I lose all the interactive fields.

How to merge forms from different files into one PDF? | iText Developers

This is what I currently have:. Posted on StackOverflow on Feb 17, by user Depending on what you want exactly, different scenarios are possible, but in any case: The different scenarios are explained in the following video tutorial.


If you want to merge different forms without flattening them, you should use PdfCopy as is done in the MergeForms example:.

In this case, readers is an array of PdfReader instances containing different forms with different field nameshence we use PdfCopy and we make sure that utext don’t forget to use iitext setMergeFields method, or the fields won’t be copied.

In this case, we need to rename the fields, because we probably want different values on different pages.

In PDF a field can only have a single value. If merhe merge identical forms, you have multiple visualizations of the same field, but each visualization will show the same value because in reality, there is only one field.

Let’s take a look at the MergeForms2 example:. As you can see, the renameFields method creates a new document in memory. That document is merged with other documents using PdfSmartCopy. If you’d use Itet here, your document would be bloated as we’ll soon find out. While this example is fine if you’d merge different forms, this is actually an example on how not to do it as explained in the video tutorial.


The FillFlattenMerge2 shows how to merge identical forms that are filled out and flattened correctly:. Skip to main content.

How to merge forms from different files into one PDF? Interactive forms iText 5.

This is what I currently have: