ITU G 992.1 PDF

ITU G 992.1 PDF

ITU-T G (07/) the same pair with voiceband transmission and with TCM-ISDN (G Appendix III) in an adjacent pair. Provisional name: In telecommunications, ITU-T G is an ITU standard for ADSL using discrete multitone modulation (DMT). full-rate ADSL expands the usable. This page was last edited on 17 February , at (UTC). Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms.

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I know the jumper has been moved on the MDF but when I came home I see my router is still showing modulation 92.1 Can anyone tell me what could have happened as I know for certain the cct has been changed at the exchange. I have rebooted the router but it still shows as Also although my connection on the router is showing as kbps my throughput is k and my ip profile is k.

What is the best way to get this raised, it has only been changed for about 30 hours but I am worried it will not increase automatically.


ITU G – Wikipedia

Thanks for any help. BT Wholesale usually refuse to manually reset it unless 72 hours have passed.

Second, your noise margin is too high. This suggests an unstable line with repeated disconnects and the connection time of less than 30 minutes looks suspicious. Things won’t improve unless the connection is stable, and you iut rebooting the hub.

IP Profile improvements take days. Noise margin improvements take longer. Thanks for all the replies.

The 30 minute connection time was because I just rebooted the hub to check I was still on My questions were Y had read somewhere that adsl2 actually slightly helped improve things on longer lines so I asked to try it. I don’t mind this if that is going to be the best option but I just need my profile raising 9922.1 get close to my router connection speed. At the moment I am gettin k download speed and my IP profile is k. I thought by reading this forum that the day period had now been changed and you no longer had to wait this period and also my IP profile would be If as everyone seems to be saying I have to wait days and it will rise automatically that is fine.


Thanks for that information. Does that mean I will still be in certain bands for my profile jtu is the Sign In Forum Help. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down iyu search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

ITU-T G.992.1

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Here are my home hub stats. Message 2 of 8.

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Message 5 of 8. Thanks for all your help. Here are me router stats 8 hours on. Line state Connected Connection time 0 days, 9: Message 6 of 8. Message 7 of 8. Message 8 of 8.