They Came Before Columbus reveals a compelling, dramatic, and superbly detailed documentation of the presence and legacy of Africans in. Blood River by Tim Butcher How Europe Underdeveloped Africa by Walter Rodney They Came Before Columbus by Ivan Van Sertima King Leopold’s Ghost by. THEY CAME BEFORE COLUMBUS: THE AFRICAN PRE-. SENCE IN ANCIENT AMERICA. By Ivan Van Sertima. New. York: Random House, Pp. xviii, .

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He is a literary critic, a linguist, an anthropologist and has made a name in all three fields. As a literary critic, he is the author of Caribbean Writers, a collection of critical essays on the Caribbean novel.

He is also the author of several major literary reviews published in Denmark, India, Britain and copumbus United States.

He was honored for his work in this field by being asked by the Nobel Committee of the Swedish Academy to nominate candidates for the Nobel Prize in Literature from As a linguist, he has published essays on the dialect of the Sea Islands off the Georgia Coast.


He is the author of They Came Before Columbus: It was published in French in and in the same year, was bbefore the Clarence L. He is the Editor of the Journal of African Civilizations, which he founded in and has published several major anthologies which have influenced the development of multicultural curriculum in the United States.

They Came Before Columbus – Paperback

These anthologies include Blacks in Science: As an acclaimed poet, his work graces the pages of River and the Wall, and has been published in English and German. Van Sertima defended his highly controversial thesis on the African presence in pre-Columbian America before the Smithsonian.

A New Bbefore View of He was also asked by Congress to appear before a Congressional Committee on July 7, to challenge the Columbus myth. This landmark presentation before Congress was illuminating and brilliantly presented in the name of all peoples of color across the world.


Books are protected under the copyright laws of the United States and other countries. Copying or use as public performance of recordings are strictly prohibited and may subject offender to civil liability and criminal penalties.

They came before Columbus… and what?!? | Taino Woman Comes Dancingin the spirit of Hatuey!

During the decade of the s he broadcast weekly from Britain to Africa and the Caribbean. All prices in US Dollars. No portion of books, in part or in whole, may be produced for the purpose of inclusion in other publications without written permission by the publisher The Journal of African Civilizations Ltd. Books and bookmarks are not returnable or exchangeable.