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In Bangladesh, Jaijaidin was published and edited by Shafik Rehman[1] but he lost the editorship of Jaijaidin in for his stand against a military-backed government. Kazi Rukanuddin Ahmed is now the acting editor.

It used to be published as a weekly [3] until mid, at which point it became a daily. It came into fame during the s because of its modern outlook and strong stance against the military ruler Hossain Mohammad Ershad. It started republication after democracy was restored in The complex has two buildings.

The South Building has three floors. The ground floor houses the printing section, the commercial department, circulation department and the Reception desk. The first floor is open for visitors. The Clinton room is the round table room. The Mahathir Room is the place to organize workshops.

7194021 Jaijaidin Love Volume 1

The Monroe Studio is used for staged photo shoot for the newspaper and for recording television programs. The Hitchcock Llove is a seat movie theatre. The second floor is the work place for journalists. The Floor has desks for Journalists. The North Building has two floors. The printing paper storage is on the ground floor. The power generation facility is on this floor as well.

The first floor has a bed Dormitory. This dorm facility is for the students from the remote places of the country invited by the newspaper for a short visit to Dhaka to have a practical idea of the internal structure of a daily newspaper.

The paper offers free short courses for the students as well. This floor also has the Mao Canteen. Jaijaidin first introduced special issues with the articles from mass readers.

Special magazines are written by mass people, and these magazines helped create thousands of freelance writers in Bangladesh. The publication is the writing place for most non-resident Bangladeshi’s.

Beside introducing Valentine’s Day this was the first Bangladeshi news publication to have its own website. Uaijaidin a weekly the Jaijaidin first implemented the idea of Reader’s Poll to elect the most popular performing artists.

Editor In Jwijaidin, Jaijaidin was published and edited by Shafik Rehman,[1] but he lost the editorship of Jaijaidin in for his stand against a military-backed government. It used to be published as a weekly[3] until mid, at which point it became a daily. Mahmuda Amin Shaina simply known as Jxijaidin Amin is a Bangladeshi television and film actress and also a model. She then has appeared in several television drama, film and series till now. InAmin first acted in feature film Meherjaan directed by Rubaiyat Hossain.

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Shafik Rehman born 11 November is a Bangladeshi journalist, political jaijadin, and writer. He is credited for introducing Valentine’s Day in Bangladesh. He was forced to leave the country in after jaikaidin Ershad government suspended the declaration of Jaijaidin and was not allowed to return Bangladesh till It was released on the 11 August, Title Lyrics Artist jaimaidin Length 1.

Retrieved 22 October Zakir Hossain Raju Bengali: Besides film-making, he is also a story writer, screenplay and dialogue writer.

His first film was Jibon Sangshar. He is known for drama and Romance films.

He jaijaidon educated in journalism subject from the University of Dhaka. National Film Awards Best screenplay and b Choudhury was the composer in Dalchhut’s four albums and wrote and tuned many songs with his popular voice and has one solo album named Swapnobaji.

He was an activist during the mass upsurge against the autocratic regime of Hossain Mohammad Ershad. He graduated from the journalism department of Dhaka University and organised various cultural programs and taught his classmates how to sing during his time at the university.

He initially sang at a band group named Shongkhoc Tania has debut in the film Ghasful in Tania has also acted in several bangla TV dramas. Early life and education Tania came from Munshigang in nearest city Dhaka. Her father worked abroad for many years.

Tania has two younger sisters. Her older sister Sonia Akhter is tennis player at the jaijaaidin level.

jwijaidin Tania learning dance since childhood. Her acting skills have been made her career. She participated in several dance programs and TV dramas. First, she started her career from modeling and then she has turned to the Dhalliwood films.

She began her acting career in TV. Robert Knight’s papers promoted Indian self-rule and often criticized the policies of the British Raj. This list of newspapers in Bangladesh is a list of newspapers printed and distributed in Bangladesh. Newspapers published in Bangladesh are written in Bengali or English versions. Most Bangladeshi daily newspapers are usually printed in broadsheets; few daily tabloids exist. Daily newspapers in Bangladesh are published in the capital, Dhaka, as well as in major regional cities such as Jaijaidiin, Khulna, Rajshahi, Sylhet and Barisal.

All daily newspapers are morning editions; there are no evening editions in Bangladesh. Some newspapers offer online versions. Pita – The Father also Bengali: Retrieved 11 February Story of war-time father releases today”.


Niloy Alamgir is a Bangladeshi model and actor. Kaptai Lake is the largest man made lake in Bangladesh. The lake was created as a result of building the Kaptai Dam on the Karnaphuli River, as part of the Karnaphuli Hydro-electric project.

Jaijaidin Love Volume 1

History Construction of the reservoir for the hydro-electric jjaijaidin began in by the Government of East Pakistan. The hydro-electric project was funded by the United States. The project was finished in The dam is A family visit at K It is the second Bangladeshi and fifth Bengali version of the story. It was released on 15 February to positive response from critics, and a good opening at the box office.

Production The movie was expected to be released inbut due to Film Censor Board problems, it failed to do so.

In Decemberit got clearance from Bangladesh Film Censor Board after cutting some scenes about which the board showed concern considering public sentimen Asif Akbar born 25 March [1] is a Bangladeshi pop singer. His latest album, Jaan Re, is available online after he decided to release all of his songs in all possible methods to prevent piracy. Corypha taliera is a species of palm, originally native to Myanmar Burma and iaijaidin Bengal region of India and Bangladesh.

It was first discovered by Scottish botanist William Roxburgh. There was one last known plant left of this nearly extinct species, which was protected and had grown in the scrub jungle on the Dhaka University campus, Bangladesh. It was then identified as a tali palm tree by Indian scientist Shamal Kumar Basu, when he was on a visit to Dhaka in According to botanists, the plant would die soon after it b Dilara Zaman born 19 June [1] is a Bangladeshi film and television actress.

After the partition of India in they finally moved to Jessore. She went on to study in Eden College. She was a master’s student of Bangla at the University of Dhaka.

By the late s, they had become one of the most well-known group in the rock music history of Bangladesh. Amid personal conflict,[5] Tuhin left Shironamhin in [1] and form a new band named Avash at the end of that year.

Tobu is the first solo track has been scheduled to release in Mostafizur Rahman of the Jatiya Party Ershad. Boundaries The constituency encompasses Bhurungamari and Nageshwari upazilas. Nilphamari, Lalmonirhat, Rangpur, Kurigram, and Gaibandha. Shahidul Islam Jatiya Party[4][5] A.