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During the last years vitamina D receptors have been found in a vast number of tissues and cell types. In paralel, the therapeutic utility of vitamina D has expanded to the prophylaxis of muscular, oncologic, cardiovascular and autoinmmune disorders. Vitamin-A deficiency and its determinants among preschool children: Vitamin A deficiency is the leading cause of preventable visual impairments in children.

It is also an underlying cause for nearly one-fourth of global child mortality associated with measles, diarrhea, and malaria.

Books by Jaime Kemp (Author of Eu Amo Você)

The limited literature available in Ethiopia shows severe public health significance of vitamin-A deficiency. Hence the aim of the current study was to assess the prevalence and factors determining vitamin-A deficiency among preschool children in Dembia District, northwest Ethiopia. A community-based cross-sectional study was conducted among preschool children of Dembia District from January to February, A multi-stage sampling, followed by a systematic sampling technique was employed to select study participants.

A structured interviewer-administered questionnaire was used to collect data. Using a binary logistic regression model, multivariable analysis was fitted to identify the associated factors of vitamin-A deficiency. Vitamin-A deficiency is a severe public health problem in the study area. Further strengthening antenatal care utilization and giving emphasis to preschool children will help to mitigate vitamin-A deficiency in the study area.

Vitamina D y riesgo de preeclampsia: Los niveles bajos de vitamina D, medida con el examen de hidroxivitamina D, son comunes en el embarazo. Childhood blindness due to corneal ulceration was prevalent among poor Indian children. However, this decrease cannot be ascertained is due to mass Vit-A prophylaxis programme. This is because coverage was low and patchy. Improved nutrition status, wider vaccination coverage, increased rate in breast feeding and improvement of healthcare services played a crucial role.

Rather many studies revealed that mass prophylaxis to the child who is having adequate Vit-A level it may be harmful to certain group of children as a result of acute toxic symptoms. High dose of Vit-A is capable of loss of bone density-hence retarded growth may be observed in susceptible individuals.

To tackle this issue food based approach should be promoted which includes breast feeding along with timely measles vaccination. The children who have signs of Vit-A deficiency e. Public spirited citizens, together with scientific community in India, should discourage this “one size fit to all” approach.

It will not only avoid the ill effects of high dose of Vit-A but also it will help us optimal utilization of health resources in a resource poor country like India. UMA network could be easily integrated into the existing cellular networks without influencing mobile core network, and could provides high-quality mobile services with preferentially priced indoor voice and data usage.

This helps to improve subscriber’s experience. This offers the traditional mobile operators an opportunity to integrate WiMax technique into cellular network. In the end of this article, we also give an analysis of potential influence on the cellular core networks ,which is pulled by UMA network.

Orbital period variations of two W UMa -type binaries: Due to their contact configurations, the secular period increases are interpreted as a result of mass transfer from the less massive component to the more massive one. The cyclic period variation of UY UMa may be interpreted in terms of either the magnetic activity or the light time effect.

  ISO 10555-2 PDF

Fundamental parameters of BE UMa revised.

We have determined a complete set of parameters for the young pre-cataclysmic variable BE UMa from a comprehensive photometric and spectroscopic analysis using model atmospheres. Our precise photometry and spectroscopy were acquired with the 6-m telescope and Zeiss telescope of the Special Astrophysical Observatory and the 1. We performed a detailed identification of emission lines of ten elements.

We have studied the radial-velocity curves of the cool star using lines of various elements. All the curves exhibit the previously predicted distortions due to reflection effects in the close binary.

We analyzed the light curves using model atmospheres for irradiated stars; all the parameters of BE UMa were refined. The abundances of helium and several light elements C, N, O, Ne, Mg in the atmosphere of the cool star are probably higher than the solar values. We conclude that the physical characteristics of the primary are in good agreement with evolutionary tracks for planetary-nebula nuclei, and that the secondary is overluminous by a factor of 30 compared to main-sequence stars of the same mass.

We present the results of analysing of the light curve and O-C variations in the eclipsing system BM UMabased on V-band observations which cover the period from JD to using two robotic remotely-controlled telescopes of Tzec Maun Observatory USA along with observations made with the RK telescope of Odessa Astronomical Observatory.

The full light curve displays a total primary eclipse with a duration 0. The depths of primary and secondary minima are nearly equal, 0. The physical parameters of the system were calculated using the Wilson-Devinney code, appended with the Monte Carlo search algorithm. The result establishes BM UMa as a contact system fillout factor The more massive component is larger and cooler. The 72 archival and 11 newly-obtained times of light minimum cover the interval and allowed us to exclude possible systematic period variations in BM UMa and to determine an initial epoch of HJD Recent developments on SU UMa stars – theory vs.

Kepler light curves of short period dwarf novae have resparked interest in the nature of superoutbursts and led to the question: Is the thermal-tidal instability needed, or can the plain vanilla version of the accretion disk limit cycle do the job all by itself? A detailed time-resolved study of an eclipsing SU UMa system during superoutburst onset should settle the question – if there is a dramatic contraction of the disk at superoutburst onset, Osaki’s thermal-tidal model would be preferred; if not, the plain disk instability model would be sufficient.

Finally, it may be necessaryto look beyond the short period dwarf novae to gain perspective on the nature of embedded precursors in long outbursts. We report results of an extensive worldwide observing campaign devoted to a very active dwarf nova star – IX Draconis. We investigated photometric behaviour of the system to derive its basic outburst properties and understand peculiarities of IX Draconis as well as other active cataclysmic variables, in particular dwarf novae of the ER UMa type.

In order to measure fundamental parameters of the system, we carried out analyses of the light curve, O – C diagram, and power spectra.

During over two months of observations, we detected two superoutbursts and several normal outbursts. The V magnitude of the diizer varied in the range Superoutbursts occur regularly with the supercycle length Psc of Normal outbursts appear to be irregular, with typical occurrence times in the range 3. We detected a double-peaked structure of superhumps during superoutburst, with the secondary maximum becoming dominant near the end of the superoutburst.

Based on the power spectrum analysis, the evaluation of the orbital dizr was problematic. We found two possible values: The evolutionary status of the object depends dramatically on the choice between these two values.

Antes de dizer SIM – Jaime Kemp

A spectroscopic determination of the orbital period is needed. We updated available information on ER UMa -type stars and present a new set of their basic statistics. Thereby, we provide evidence that this class of stars is not uniform. Sequential ultrasound-microwave assisted acid extraction UMAE of pectin from pomelo peels. This study aims to optimize sequential ultrasound-microwave assisted extraction UMAE on pomelo peel using citric acid. The effects of pH, sonication time, microwave power and irradiation time on the yield and the degree of esterification DE of pectin were investigated.


Under optimized conditions of pH 1.

The pectin’s galacturonic acid content obtained from combined extraction technique is higher than that obtained from sole extraction technique and the pectin gel produced from various techniques exhibited a pseudoplastic behaviour. This has substantiated the highest pectin yield of This was a project to study the disk and wind of the eclipsing nova-like variable UX UMain order to better define the wind geometry of the system, including the nature of the transition region between the disk photosphere and the supersonic wind.

We proposed to use phase resolved spectroscopy of the system, taking advantage of the dizeer that UX UMa is an eclipsing system, to isolate different regions of the wind and to use a Monte Carlo radiative transfer code to simulate the spectra through the eclipse. We present the results of our investigation of the geometrical and kkemp parameters of the binary system LX Leo.

According to our solution, the system is a high mass-ratio, totally eclipsing, W-type W UMa system. In dier, the evolutionary condition of the system is discussed. We present observational evidence that supercycle lengths of the most active SU UMa -type stars are increasing during the past decades. We analyzed a large number of photometric measurements from available archives and found that this effect sntes generic for this class of stars, independently of their evolutionary status.

Seminário EBNESR

This finding is in agreement with previous predictions and the most recent work of Patterson et al. This new vent is one of two ongoing eruptions on the volcano. Chromospheric activity on late-type star DM UMa using high-resolution spectroscopic observations.

We analysed these chromospheric active indicators by employing the spectral subtraction technique. These phenomena might be explained by flare events or rotational modulations of the level of chromospheric activity.

Sonification is the conversion of quantitative data into sound. In this work we explain the methods used in the sonification of light curves provided by the Kepler instrument from Q2 through Q6 for the cataclysmic variable systems V Lyr and V Cyg.

Both systems are SU UMa stars showing dwarf nova outbursts and superoutbursts as well as positive and negative superhumps. Focused sonifications were done from average pulse shapes of each superhump, and separate sonifications of the full, residual light curves were done for both stars.

The audio of these data reflected distinct patterns within the evolutions of supercycles and superhumps that matched pervious observations and proved to be effective aids in data analysis. Observations and light curve solutions of a selection of shallow-contact W UMa binaries.

The light curve solutions revealed that these binaries have overcontact configurations with small fillout factors within 0. Seven of them undergo total eclipses and their photometric mass ratios should be accepted with confidence.

The temperature differences of the components of CSS J Observations and light curve solutions of three ultrashort-period W UMa binaries. The results from the modeling and analysis of our observations reveal that: Masses, radii and luminosities of the stellar dixer were estimated by the empirical relation “period, orbital axis” for short- and ultrashort-period binaries. Buckets of ash track tephra flux from Halema’ uma ‘u Crater, Hawai’i. Less appreciated is the ongoing, weak, but continuous output of tephra, primarily ash, from the new open vent in Halema’ uma ‘u Crater.