the artist in Jarry continued to be precocious and hid rather than revealed itself in this Exploits and Opinions of Doctor Faustroll, Pataphysician: “It is the. Product Description. Exploits & Opinions of Dr. Faustroll, Pataphysician by Alfred Jarry Translated by Simon Watson Taylor, Introduction by Roger Shattuck. And since Faustroll is based, in part, on Jarry’s own experiences in Paris (Joyce’s Ulysses is to Dublin what Jarry’s Faustroll is to Paris), and.

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Jarry was a strange little man who would paint his face like a clown and spoke in a weird, two-note staccato. He had a penchant for absinthe and bicycling and he was a mystery even to those close to him. Jarry wanted his little play to cause such a stir that he apparently staged a riot between two groups in the theatre: And then he told the groups to beat the living piss out of each other, which they did.

Whatever you call it, it completely changed Western theatre forever. What were you changing at 23? But seriously, check out what W. The players are supposed to be dolls, toys, marionettes, and now they are all hopping like wooden frogs, and I can see for myself that the chief personage, who is some kind of King, carries for sceptre a brush of the kind that we use to clean a closet [toilet].

After us the Savage God. Which, for the standard theatre at the time, it pretty much was. Plus, look at what Jarry had to say about Ubu, and by extension, his former teacher:.

That alone should be a win for Jarry. But he was a badass hipster. His two most prized possessions were his racing bicycle….

Which he used to threaten people at dinner parties. He puts it on. And then he shoots a dinner guest. But his gun is full of blanks. And fwustroll rolls on the floor laughing while the other guy excuses himself, no doubt asking the host for a new set of daustroll.

Jarry was barely over 5 feet tall, and he lived in a little apartment that was only a few feet tall, like the offices in Being John Malkovich.

Review | Exploits & Opinions of Dr. Faustroll, Pataphysician by Alfred Jarry

Faustrpll he had to stoop to walk around his own apartment. Ubu was originally a play for marionettes, and Jarry wanted his actors to be living puppets. Like Vincent Goddamn Price or something. Oh, and apparently, there were blood-red handprints adorning the walls of the stairwell that led to his apartment. At a dinner party, among the likes of Picasso, Apollinaire, Max Jacob, and a bunch of other artists and writers of some not insignificant importance, the host fauztroll out a beautiful wild duck for dinner.


He then proceeded to tear the duck apart with both hands, shredding it into pieces.

Fauxtroll he wrote her into one of his works, where he makes her say:. I have dresses split up the side, so that my yellow pants fausttroll be seen underneath, and only a fausttroll hook needs to be undone for the whole dress to slide off.

And I had them made especially for affaires. I never wash except with Vaseline. Jaarry buy it on the cheap from a back-street chemist, who also supplies me with anti-herpetic ointment. Those are only little red spots. At a dinner party, Jarry offered a toast; the host stopped him, saying that toasting is only ever done in vulgar company. Oscar Wilde was a friend of his as well, and referred to Jarry as one of the most interesting people he knew.

He would fish in spots that were known to be devoid of fish, and then return with a whole pile of fish. Nobody knows how he did it. Jarry began the day by imbibing two litres of white wine; between ten and twelve he would down three absinthes, then at lunch he would moisten his fish or his steak with red or white wine, alternating with more absinthes.

In the afternoon there would be cups of coffee together with liqueurs of various types of alcohol, whose names I forget, then at dinner, after other aperitifs of course, he would take at least two more bottles of any vintage, regardless of the label.

He drank alone and methodically, without ever managing to get drunk and without any possibility of ever becoming what is fashionably known today as an alcoholic: According to his novel, Exploits and Opinions of Dr. Pataphysics will examine the laws governing exceptions, and will explain the universe supplementary to this one; or, less ambitiously will describe a universe which can be—and perhaps should be—envisaged in the place of the traditional one.

Do you realize what this means? To understand pataphysics is to fail to understand pataphysics. To define it is merely to indicate a possible meaning, which will always be the opposite of another equally possible meaning, which, when diurnally interpolated with the first meaning, will point toward a third meaning which will in turn elude definition because of the fourth element that is missing. A Useless Guide1]. Basically, think of it like this: Besides a lot of authors, some of whom even predate Jarry Lewis Carroll is onewe also have: Oh, and The Beatles.

Well, his first victim is a pataphysician:. Complementary Course in Occultism, Demonology and Astrology. Basically, the College is like the mafia, but one that takes out existential hits on its enemies.

Which might be worse. Jarry made friends everywhere and with everyone. Cabarets, Montmartre, symbolists, Rosicrucianists, Satanists, occultists, scientists such as Lord Kelvin, writers such as H. Wells and Oscar Wilde, artists such as Picasso, anarchists, romanticists, poets, fishermen, laborers, farmers… you name it, he befriended it.

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And he learned each one of their crafts. The symbol he chose to represent this merger was the spiral. And, also, a big spiraling pile of poop. Then, take this passage from Dr. Faustroll declares at one point that he is God.

God—or myself—created all possible worlds, they coexist, but men can hardly glimpse even one. So, Jarry is Ubu, Ubu is Jarry. Jarry devotes the last chapter of Faustroll to explaining God through math. Proof destroys faith, so they basically destroy God. Which means Fausttoll destroyed himself. Jarry was faustrolll that he lived to be 34 instead of 33, because he wanted to die at the same age Jesus died.

He basically drank himself into poverty and disease, and died in a tremendous, stinking pile of his own crap. Appropriate, perhaps, since being intentionally full of shit was his artistic creed.

Exploits and Opinions of Dr. Faustroll, Pataphysician

I am a doctor of all things comical. The fact that someone gave me a doctoral degree fausttroll, itself, comical. I enjoy acting, directing, writing, drawing View all posts by AJ Knox. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Notify me of new comments via email. Skip to content You may or may not know who Alfred Jarry is. Also, the riot was fake. Jarry was very particular about the staging of Ubu.

Exploits and Opinions of Dr. Faustroll, Pataphysician – Wikipedia

jarfy Ubu Roi is regarded as a turning point in theatre history. Jarry changed the face of the theatre when he was Plus, look at what Jarry had to say about Ubu, and by extension, his former teacher: Jarry was a hipster before there were hipsters.

His two most prized possessions were his racing bicycle… Look at this fucking hipster right here. Talk shit about Bon Iver, motherfucker. He has a violent look about him. His life was basically a Spike Jonze movie. And the Craig puppet looks like Jarry. Every day was Halloween in his apartment.

He was a great dinner host. He was a loving son. So he wrote her into one of his faustrol, where he makes her say: And you thought Groucho had barbs. He knew how to insult like Wilde. Jeremy Wade should be jealous. Speaking of fish, he also drank like one.

This was his day: And you thought Hemingway drank a lot. Look at this fucking pataphysical hipster.