To make a textField a hyperlink to an external URL, you need to add the attribute hyperlinkType=”Reference” to the element, and add a. The following parameters set the behavior for hyperlinks for JasperReports A hyperlink enables users to browse to a URL, view another report, or invoke a. Use custom hyperlink handler with a Dashboard in JasperReports Server Used jasper server version: Problem Statement: Add hyperlink.

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Add hyperlink control for particular dashlet which will open drill-down in same dashboard page instead of opening drill-down report in new page. Expected output should be in one dashboard as shown below when we click on one dashlet hyperlink should open drill down jasperrpeorts in same panel. Click on any part of pie chart HTML5 ie.

As mentioned above in expected output we created one dashboard having two dashlets. In it instead of passing hyperlink url we set constant value in hyperlink type as shown below:.


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Herewe used charts-pro pie chart in dashboard for custom hyperlinkthe functionality is same just little bit of chart data configuration is different in charts-pro. Please find the attachment of above example custom hyperlink dashboard using charts-pro.

In it instead of passing hyperlink url we set constant value in hyperlink type as shown below: Or you can set it in source file.

Create a custom hyperlink type in your main report. Create a new Dashboard and put all your reports on canvas shown below: Create a custom handler for your new hyperlink type, save it as dashboardHyperlinkHandler. Open your dashboard in Dashboard Viewer and try hyperlinks.

hyperlinks in jasperreport not work fine (Page 1) / ReportServer (EN) / ReportServer Forum

Jasperreports are the steps to use custom hyperlink in charts-pro: In jasper studio create new report. From left side components-pro palette add charts-pro component and select pie chart. Set seriescategories and value expression according to you requirement under chart data. Now add your dashlets in dashboard: Follow above Step 3 to set filters for drill down report shown below: Save dashboard and follow above step 5 and step 6.


Restart nyperlink server and see hyperlink in dashboard. You can see the dashboard like this: You might also like. Used Jasper Report Server Version: Here, we can modify home-page content as per our requirement.

And just like SQL union we Capturing jasperrepkrts logs and handling them have always been most important part of project development in ETL development. There are different types of logging in talent studio. Logging can be performed in three different ways.

Error logging at project level You are Interested in.