Skip to main content. The Fourth Political Theory. beyond left and right but against the center. English · Русский · Deutsch · Français · Español · Italiano. Jean Parvulesco was born in in Romania. He was an actor, known for L’ arbre, le maire et la médiathèque () and Rosette vole les voleurs (). Marching with the Dead: the case of Jean Parvulesco For a last and most ambiguous word on the Black Order, I turn to La Spirale Prophetique (The prophetic.

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Jean Parvulesco – is a living mystery of European literature.

Mysticist, poet, novelist, literary critic, connoisseur of political intrigue, revolutionary, friend and confidant of many European celebrities of the latter half of the twentieth century from Ezra Pound and Julius Evola to Raymond Abellio and Arno Breker.

His true personality remains a mystery. At the same time, Parvulesco does not jeaj anything in common with vulgar representatives of contemporary neomysticism, so widespread today as some jwan of an instrumental compensation for technotronic-informational routine of everyday life.

Parvulesco opens an entire parallel world, not just stage decoration of individual fantasies or reminiscences. His texts are populated with frightening reality: Following tantric presciptions, Parvulesco vivifies the language, makes it operative. That is why his texts are something more than literature.

It is the magical spells and scandalous denunciations; it is the provocation of events and foretelling of their meaning; it is submergence into the Ocean of the Interior, subterranean tunnels of the Hidden, into the frightening empire of that, which exists in each one of us.

That is exactly why Parvulesco can be as terrifying as any true genius: In the beginning was Jran. Parvulesco answers clearly and paradoxicaly at the same time: Secret agents of Being and Nonexistence appear in parvulesvo key spheres of control of the modern world, directing all processes of civilization. It is from the superimposition of one parvuelsco the other of energy vectors of two occult nets, that the fabric of actual, concrete history results. Often, a gangster or a beggar turns out to be the curator of a President or the Pope, and a military leader or a banker act as puppets of a salon poet, behind whose grotesque and fantastic personality one finds a cold guru and architect of brute political history.


Against Demons and Democracy. In it, the threads from earlier books are tied together. The work depicts transcendental metahistory, of which our author is a chronicler, as nearing its final outcome. Here is a parvilesco But the true persona of this woman principally goes beyond the bounds of individuality.

Report on the Jean Parvulesco Symposium Bucarest | Open Revolt!

More likely, she represents in herself some sacral function, divided among all women of the order, whose personal and everyday relations among themselves reflect an ontological hierarchy of being itself one of them corresponds to spirit, another – to the soul, the third – to flesh. So, Atlantis Magna weaves its continental web to struggle with the Aquarius conspiracy. On a higher transcendental level, a ritual tantric realization of eschatological Occurrence, connected with oarvulesco appearance of the Consoler and the Wife.

Members of Atlantis Magnum on the way to this procedure make symbolic voyages, analyze mystical texts, work at finding true causes of political transformations, research strange aspects of history of some ancient European families, decipher esoteric ideas which appear as leaks in tabloid pressendure romantic and parvulescp relationships, experience assasination attempts, become victims of kidnapping and torture, but the entire concrete body of the captivatingalmost detective novel is really an jeean reading and clarification of interconnected visionary reality of the Final Event of History, appearance of the Great Eurasian Empire of the End, Regnum Sacrum or Imperium Sacrum, reflections of which can be seen in all aspects of modern world.


On the political level of the conspiracy, the heros of the novel also act aggressively and decisively. It is significant that it ends on a half-word on page The entire preceding plot sees the reader close in on the eschatological outcome of the occult war, but Here the literary world ends, and actual reality sets in. The majority of characters in the novel are historical figures, some of whom have died, others still alive. Books and texts quoted in the iean do really exist.

Many episodes and retold legends are also not made up although quite a few are fictional. Or, perhaps, an esoteric tract? Or the real revelation of the hidden motive of contemporary history, seen from the position of metaphysical completeness in its entire volume, to the other side of hallucinations, of which, in effect, consist all banal, everyday assumptions, that explain nothing and are as far from the truth as imaginable? Jean Parvulesco himself in a dedication adorning a copy given to me as a gift, describes his novel: Shivathe red – brown.

All this suggests uneasy thoughts concerning the true nature of this literary genius.

Jean Parvulesco

In the end, who are you, Mr. Another character of the sacral tradition is represented by this color. Yes, this element is frightening and devastating in its external manifestation.

Agents of the inner Continent are awake. Already there appears on the night sky of our sickening civilization a magic Star, heralding the soon-to-be transformation jen the Internal into the External. If you have any infomation htat is concerned with our issues, don’t hesitate and send it to us – arctogai redline.