Thanks to Zarrow. by Sadowitz. Jerry. Edition: Second Edition. Book condition: Very Good/No Jacket. Book Description. London: Jerry Sadowitz. Very Good/No. Jerry Sadowitz – Thanks To Zarrow Here is Jerry Sadowitz manuscript on culling cards and running up cards using The Zarrow Shuffle. This was available. THANKS TO ZARROW BY JERRY SADOWITZ MANUSCRIPT RARE | Collectibles, Fantasy, Mythical & Magic, Magic | eBay!.

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Dec 6, I recently bought this manuscript and have been very impressed with the material. The entire book deals with using zarrow shuffles to cull cards. It is a fairly complicated procedure but Jerry Sadowitz has written it in such a clear style that I never once had to go back and reread anything. He explained everything extremely thoroughly and even explained how he was going to explain things Has anybody else read this?

I want to discuss it with somebody but do not know anybody locally who has done anything with it. What is the name of the manuscript?? Is it available as an ebook? It is called “Thanks to Zarrow” and I don’t think it is available as an ebook. It’s a great manuscript. I’m already planning on using his four ace control for a triumph routine.

Imagine having the four aces put in the deck by spectators and legitimately squaring it all up. Somehow, we have gotten off topic.

We try to be fair. For now, let us get on with the topic.

The Zarrow shuffle has been explained by many including the originator. As long as credit is given and what the writer does adds to the body of literature, then that is good. If it is nothing more than plagiarized from say Dai Vernon, or no credit or references given, that is bad.


Sadowitz gives great credits. He discovered that he had inadvertently duplicated an effect of Derek Dingle’s. He mentions this twice in his book and even tells you exactly where Dingle’s effect can be found. This eliminates the need for the bottom deal when dealing your poker hands. Dec 7, Dec 11, Adam V, I second your post. Sadowitz first published his Zarrow manuscript, he didn’t reference Dingle because he didn’t know the credit.

After the manuscript’s publication, he found out he had inadvertently duplicated the Dingle effect, so he republished the manuscript adding the Dingle credit.

This is something most magical authors do not do. This is also something Mr.

Sadowitz has done more than once in “The Crimp. I’ve studied card magic for 25 years and I find Sadowitz to be one of the most original card creators of our time.

Jerry Sadowitz – Thanks To Zarrow | #

Dec 15, I recently bought the book and now its my main way to cull cards. The man is an utter genius. Nov 1, I think that zarroa can obtain the book from Jerry only. It is a great book with very clear instruction. Sometimes you can get it on e-bay sold by Jerry himself!

I was also inspired by sadowits Dingle book, but rarely used it for anything but an ace location. I ordered his book from him on eBay.

Jerry Sadowitz Thanks to Zarrow – PDF Free Download

To say that he’s taken the basic principle much farther than I ever did is an understatement. It really is a great book. Let’s face it, he isn’t terribly well known outside of Europe. I think he and I got it all worked out, and now I tell everyone what a great book it is.


Eternal damnation awaits anyone who questions God’s unconditional love.

It should, perhaps, be mentioned that the mechanics of the Zarrow shuffle are not explained in the book. Only the culling procedure and effects. A truly wonderful manuscript but remember to buy a source for the shuffle as well, and a close up pad. And while your at it, order “The Unreal Work” too. Wonderful stuff, truly wonderful. Nov 2, I heartily agree with you guys.

I think this is an outstanding manuscript recommended to me by Andrew Wimhurst and I’ve spent many enjoyable hours practicing the culls. Get zarroww if you can. That’s true Denis I forgot.

Nov 4, I’ve got the hand written manuscript, and I have to say for 17 quid it’s better than a lot of glossy books I’ve got. I brought mine from jerry at international’s but if you drop him a e-mail, I think he can arrange ordering via pay-pal. I alos have the zarrow dvd.

Herb is great on it, but I think meir has production jerey a bit poor. Nov 5, I second that the guy is a genius. Adam V Special user Posts.

Adam V – 9 out of 10 dentists recommend him. Mike Powers Inner circle Midwest Posts.

Thanks To Zarrow by Jerry Sadowitz

Mike Mike Powers http: Denis Behr Special user Germany Posts. Euan Inner circle Posts. Las Vegas, NV Posts. Jason England Eternal damnation awaits anyone who questions God’s unconditional love.

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