Price we offer will be based on what the machine requires to fix or get to a great condition for resale. We will need the following in order to resell your machine or . JETI SE 6 colour High Quality Solvent Printer. $12, Gandi Jeti Solvent Printer with SE High Quality Print Heads Video of the machine printing. In the Jeti Tauro H LED, you will find a heavy-duty hybrid printer, ruggedly built to easily handle extreme workloads, multiple shift operation and 24/7.

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The hybrid Jeti Tauro H LED combines vivid six-color prints plus white or primer of the highest quality with extreme productivity and cutting-edge automation. Produce smooth, detailed UV-cured prints up to 3.

Suited for a variety of rigid and flexible substrates e. Set up your inkjet printer the way you want. Whether you need full automation, semi automation, roll-to-roll or manual loading and unloading, the Jeti Tauro H LED can do it all. The engine can process up to four boards automatically, reducing idle time and increasing production efficiency.

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Through 6-color printing, the engine reproduces jeeti in a perfectly natural way, ensuring extremely vibrant prints every time.

Equipped with UV LED lamps for the curing process, the Jeti Tauro LED offers major advantages in terms jrti performance, costs, maintenance, the environment and the generation of extra business. It can also be used for niche applications such as wood, art reproductions, architectural and interior decoration and more.


Whatever the medium or intended use, accuracy and excellent adhesion are a given. Agfa-made UV inks boast a wide color gamut and high color vibrancy.

However, saving on ink jetk not mean compromising on quality or performance in any way. Quite the opposite is true — it results in eye-catching prints while also preventing clogging, offering stable jetting performance and helping you save on your budget.

Thanks to its stirring functionality, the engine keeps the white ink in motion — limiting the risk of clogging. Difficult substrates can pose adhesion and durability challenges for inkjet printing.

As such, it simplifies, optimizes and automates as many steps as possible, offering you a high-performance solution for increased productivity. Rigid as well as flexible media check with your local Agfa Graphics representative for a detailed list. Roll-to-roll units rear and front are connected directly to the base engine.

Four degrees of automation Set up your inkjet printer the way you want. Manual jehi and unloading In manual mode, the input and output tables allow for single or multiple board feeding. The embedded continuous print solution enhances productivity.

The maximum printable media width is 3. Semi-automation In this semi-automated mode, loading is done manually while unloading is automated.


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There, the boards or sheets are aligned and then fed into the printer. Vibrant colors, impressive results Agfa-made UV inks boast a wide color gamut and high color vibrancy. Advanced white printing and ink management The Jeti Tauro H LED supports high-productivity white printing in multiple modes on both rigid and roll media.

Primer option for better surface tension Difficult substrates can pose adhesion and durability challenges for inkjet printing.

The Anuvia is a general application ink, which performs particularly well on outdoor and indoor polypropylene, PVC and styrene media. It is also the best fit for applications where flexibility is essential. The Anuvia maximizes color gamut and image quality on absorbing media, such as paper and cardboard.

Compressed air – loader Min. North America Available in this region. South America Available in this region. Europe Available in this region.

Asia Available in this region.

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Africa Available in this region. Oceania Available in this region. Fill out our contact form below and we will contact you asap.