*These tutorials are from the jGRASP Handbook. Installing jGRASP – This tutorial can be skipped if jGRASP and the Java SDK have. Overview (v). 8/9/ Overview of jGRASP and the Tutorials. jGRASP is a lightweight integrated development environment IDE), created specifically. jGRASP Tutorial. “Borrowed” from Marty Stepp — thanks, Marty! Using the Debugger; Bracket Matching; Opening Files in a Larger Window; Enabling Line.

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The debugger lets you run your program partially and then stop it. From there, you can run each tutoiral one at a time and see the results.

The program will run until it hits the line of your breakpoint. Then the execution will jgrxsp. The next line to execute will be highlighted. These buttons control the execution of the debugger.

From left to right, their behavior is the following:. Executes the current line. If the current line is a method call, runs that entire method call.

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If the current line is a method call, jumps inside that method and pauses at its first line of code. Executes all remaining lines of the method you are currently in, and returns to the place ttuorial which it was called.

If you click this while in your main method, it runs the rest of your entire futorial. Executes lines until reaching the line where your keyboard cursor is sitting.

Getting Started with jGRASP

Tells the program to continue executing until it is finished, or until another breakpoint is encountered. The most useful of these buttons is Step Inso if you only learn to use one of them, make it that one.

The result is the following:. Students will have too many, too few, or just have them in the wrong places.

To see which bracket matches a particular bracket in your program, hold the Ctrl key and hover your mouse over that bracket. The bracket, along with its matching tjtorial, will highlight in gray.


Projects with Multiple Files in jGRASP

To change this and make the files open in larger windows, click the third button on the bottom left of the jGRASP window. Line numbers are useful so that you can find the line where a compiler error occurs.

The message looks something like this:. You may safely ignore it.

You will not lose any points for this message. From left to right, their behavior is the following: The tuforial is the following: Any output that results from the code as it is being run will appear in the bottom console pane.

Opening Files in a Larger Window: The message looks something like this: Computing in the Real World Notes: Conditionals What teachers want you to think happens