Jib Fowles’ “Advertising’s 15 Basic Appeals”. (adapted from Common Culture, ). In this essay, Jib Fowles looks at how advertisements work by examining. ADVERTISING’S FIFTEEN BASIC APPEALS by Jib Fowles. EMOTIONAL APPEALS. The nature of effective advertisements was recognized full well by the lato. File: Tab 6 Analysis English Blaber Advertising’s 15 Basic Appeals, by Jib Fowles (from “Mass Advertising As Social Forecast”) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

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The focus is on independence and the integrity of the individual. It should not be this way. The need for prominence: Showing things larger than life and linking viewers with a product is another appeal used by advertisers. Advertisers for juicy pizza are especially appealing late at night. Email required Address never made public. It really is quite depressing when you think about it, we as Americans as a whole spend way too much money on our appearance and making our personal items bigger and better than anyone elses.

Whether its a person, place, or thing, we will have a natural desire to have it. Connection to family, friends, a significant-other, and romance fall under affiliation.

15 Basic Appeals of Advertising by Jib Fowles

The need to escape: Need to aggress- we all have had a desire to get even, and some ads give you this satisfaction. It where you looking at, smelling, tasting, feeling. All these appeals do is brainwash you into believing what they say. This appeal targets the need to get noticed. Dr Ben Winsworth Date of Birth: Next, the need for guidence reminded me of several commercals that had to do with the mother playing with her child or watching her child play and adding comfort if he gets hurt.


New information or something to pique our curiosity will get us interested in a product.

We may not notice at the time, but we are always being appealed by something. I see it everywhere i go and turn. October 27, at 9: October 28, at Advertinzing in general has a way to influence society.

Like when it talks about affiliation, we see people having fun and a person having a lot of friends by using the product. When we are not watching the show and commercials come on thats number one spot that we get attacked jb manipulated into all these advertisements.

Obviously sex is 1 because the advertisers know it will fowlrs, look at movies. It is the opposite of the need for guidance.

“Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appeals” by Jib Fowles by Maria Boza on Prezi

Predominantly these ads gratify the craving for associating with alpeals product. The society in which we are living has been shaped by the endless advertisements. Need for attention- we want people to notice us; we want to be looked at. Sports figures as spokespersons project this image.

15 Basic Appeals of Advertising by Jib Fowles

Most ads have two types of content: Click here to an appeal letter template Word doc. Need for guidance- a father or mother figure can appeal to your desire for someone to care for you, so you won’t have to worry.

Advertisers use these angles to get you to pay attention and to want a product they are selling or pitching to you.

You see this kind of stuff in commercials and on tv all the time. Kaylie Dismon Terri Hall: The need of break from social duties, liberty to relax and chill is the focus area fowels this appeal.


The essay also attempts to provide a brief explanation about the fifteen basic apoeals appeals of advertising. Films, commercials, TV shows, buildings, people all can have a particular aesthetic. Ads using sports heroes or uses superlatives — the best, the first, the finest — are playing with our need to succeed. Her Story Makes A Difference. Often directed at women, but can play on fathers as well.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The need to dominate: The need to achieve: For example, Florence Henderson has been portrayed as an expert mom who knows about the advantages of Wesson oil and is suggesting using the same. Emotional appeal can be further categorized in various different appeals, but following fifteen appeals are of maximum value:.

Sex is about the most common one i see on television. Most of the time the need for attention gets misidentified as the need for sex. The need to satisfy curiosity: Commercials are very influential in our every day lifes, if you think about it everything we do has some kind of commercial. Provide information about goods or services being sold Advertisements can appeal to: The need for autonomy: The need to dominate: As I am learning more and more about commercials, and different advertisement tricks it almost makes me mad that these people are so desperate to try and sell something.

It seems to me that most of them have animals in them to bring about a more type of nurture to the commercail and to show the lack of it. Need for affiliation- the largest number of ads use this approach: