John Philoponus, a Christian philosopher, scientist, and theologian who lived approximately from to CE, is also known as John the. John Philoponus(b. Caesarea [?], late fifth century; d. Alexandria, second half of sixth century)philosophy, of what is known about Philoponus is. PHILOPONUS, JOHN(–) John Philoponus of Alexandria, a sixth-century philosopher and theologian, is best known for his radical attempts to refute.

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John Philoponusalso called John the GrammarianGreek Joannes Philoponus or Joannes Grammaticusflourished 6th centuryChristian philosopher, theologian, and literary scholar whose writings expressed an independent Christian synthesis of classical Hellenistic thought, which in translation contributed to Syriac and Arabic cultures and to medieval Western thought.

As a theologian, he proposed certain esoteric views on the Christian doctrine of the Trinity and the nature of Christ. Because he held that every nature necessarily is individualized, he concluded that in Christ only one pbiloponus was possible, the divine. An adherrent of the miaphysite tradition of St.

John Philoponus |

Cyril of Alexandria c. Inapproximately a century after his death, he was censured by the third Council of Constantinople for his alleged monophysitism. In order to defend the Christian dogma of personal immortalityPhiloponus broke with the common Aristotelian and Stoic interpretation of a single universal mind operative in all people and taught that each person possesses an individual intellect.


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John Philoponus

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