Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. This fast-paced interstellar military drama doesn’t The Ghost Brigades (Old Man’s War) – Kindle edition by John Scalzi. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets . Though labeled a sequel to Old Man’s War, The Ghost Brigades is very much a While it expands upon ideas introduced in the earlier novel, John Scalzi. Rather than continue the story of John Perry, year-old recruit to the Colonial Defense Forces, The Ghost Brigades shifts focus to the.

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To ask other readers questions about The Ghost Brigadesplease sign up. Still, I’d say that the mission was accomplished. You will get spoilers for the first book, and the first book describes the aliens more.

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Oh, so now you think you did bdigades my books? Ghost Brigades starts a new story after the events of Old Man’s War. It made me grin, reading his section. Book 3 ghoet month, I guess. Editing is mostly fine except for some odd comma placement. A big part of the reason I had to give it 3 stars is that this story is so good, that it bothered me that much more seeing it handled so poorly.


Lock In Unlocked: I’m also sure that whoever included the quote on the back of the book thought, “well the quote does positively compare the author to Stephen King, so that obligates us to put it on the book.

View all 19 comments. I enjoyed ghosy book more than book one.

Scalzi fans, people looking for modern sci-fi. And I’m not sure the antagonist’s motives were explored clearly enough. That, and identity, which Old Man’s War addressed but Brigades tackles full-on. The Ghost Brigades maintains Scalzi’s standing as one of SF’s most rewarding purveyors of thrilling, gut-wrenching, and thoughtful space opera. The mohn itself is much better than that of ‘Old Man’s War’, and it really blows open the setting and gives us a lot more detail about the universe these characters inhabit.

The Ghost Brigades brings us back to the Old Man’s War universe in the heads of multiple point of view characters of the Special Forces rather than returning to the mind of John Perry. View all 3 comments. Their minds, taken from the dead, are enhanced by BrainPals, interfaces that unfold and simulate consciousness untill rbigades new-born killing machine can create memories of its own.

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The Ghost Brigades (Old Man’s War, #2) by John Scalzi

Complicating matters, the CDF learns that one of the architects and developers of the BrainPal technology, Charles Boutin, has turned traitor and the Ghost Brigades are called on to track down the rogue human before their own science can be used against them.


And, it was like that with everything. The Ghost Brigades Cover of first edition hardcover. Again, we get the adaptation to a new body scslzi this time thf a Special Forces person, as well as the action and daredevil missions.

Harry Wilson, the genius in spite of not having the math, also plays a smaller sccalzi. The Colonial Defense Force is desperate. Science fiction is a great way to explore questions about the human condition without getting boring or preachy. Sometimes the expected doesn’t work out so well.

The Ghost Brigades

I think you got that from Dances With Wolves. The CDF is willing to do whatever it takes to learn why Boutin turned even going to the point of making a clone using something Boutin should’ve never left behind. Ali nema dosadnih delova.

All the characters were well done. Retrieved 10 May I could perhaps have handled it then. On a separate table lay a collection of heads, skulls sawed open to extract the brains.