Learn all about the second version of the Java Portlet Specification (JSR ). In Version , the specification and the APIs more than doubled. The Java Portlet Specification addresses the requirements of aggregation, was approved by the Java Community Process in March as JSR This tutorial on JSR development provides an introduction to portlet programming as the reader is taken through the creation of a simple HelloWorld portlet.

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The portlet can define localized names for the decoration using the resource bundle entry: Listing 4 shows an example for a deployment descriptor entry. This servlet, however, was then addressed directly and not through the portal framework, so it did not have the portlet state provided, nor was it under the security protection of the portal, as you can see in figure 4.

Specifying the shared property enables the portal to use only one version of such shared resources per page. The second version tackles these issues and provides solutions so that the portlet programming model has nearly the same capabilities as the servlet one, plus the portlet specific extensions.

Poetlet the introduction of public render parameters and shared caching, the specification has been enhanced to allow the container to cache multiple portlet views based on render parameters.

How speciifcation you know which back-end state the currently cached markup maps to?

Standard portlet API

For those who want to adopt portals certainly need many and variety of portlets to deploy and run. A portlet container contains portlets and manages their life cycles. Create a file called setenv This restriction occurs because serveResource calls do not generate a full new portal page, but return the response of serveResource.


An example is a programmatically generated SVG view that depends on the portlet preferences for back-end access. The portlet programming model now provides you with events and public render parameters so that you can build larger composite applications out of your portlets and reuse your portlets in different scenarios. In addition to these options, specific portlet container implementations may provide their own options.

Defining a public render parameter is very similar to defining an event: You can find a complete list of the members of the expert group here. In summary, these cacheability levels give you the ability to provide as many hints about the cacheability as possible to the runtime. Validation-based caching solves this dilemma: Java Portlet Specification V2.

You can also set an additional resource ID on the resource URL that clearly identifies your resource. Following the common decorator pattern, filters can do pre- or post-processing, and they can modify or wrap the request and response objects that are passed to the portlet.

The important feature in JSR is Inter portlet communication.

Typically, connections are defined explicitly at page creation time, or they are automatically inferred by the portal at runtime. This article needs additional citations for verification. This restriction was done because portlets are aggregated on a page and all concepts that assume specificationn you are the only component on the page are not easily applied to the portlet programming model.

A portlet can also set the cache scope programmatically using a response property or the new CacheControl prtlet. JSR is the Java Portlet specification v3. Finally, you get better support for Ajax-based use cases specifidation JSR as you are now able to serve resources directly though the portlet.


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How can the portlet get access to these public render parameters?

Standard portlet API

The first version of the Java Portlet Porltet restricted the portlet programming model in some areas compared to psecification servlet programming model. The expert group of JSR worked to make JSR extensible so that you can add features and functionality in our frameworks on top of JSR in a noninvasive and container-independent manner. Create Spring Portlet in Liferay. After the action and event processing have finished, the rendering lifecycle starts and the portlets can create new markup based on the state updates that occurred in the action and event phases.

Generally in the portlet transition state will always change from Action Phase to Render Phase when we perform actions. An example is the Java Portlet Specification.