Tuning range: FM, MW. Power output: watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo). Surround output: W (front), W (center), W (rear). Frequency response: . Rxvbk, Audio/video control receiver, Instructions • Read online or download PDF • JVC RXVBK User Manual. JVC RXV Receiver Owners Manuals, User Guides, Instructional Help Documents & Operating Information.

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This design of this product contains special hardware and many circuits and components specially for safety purposes. For continued protection, no changes should be made to the original design unless authorized in writing by the manufacturer. Replacement parts must be identical to those used in the original circuits.

Services should be performed by qualified personnel only. For continued protection against risk of fire, replace only with same type 6. Remove the three screws B on the back of the body.

Remove the top cover from behind in the direction of Fig. Remove the power cord stopper from the rear panel by moving it in the direction of the arrow. Remove the thirty five screws E and a hexagon nut b Cut off the tie band fixing the harness. CN Disconnect the harness from connector CN on the power supply board respectively. Power Power transformer supply board Unsolder the two harnesses connected to the power board transformer.

Disconnect the harness from connector CN55 and CN56 on the power transformer board. Pull out the volume knob on the front side of the front panel and remove the nut attaching the system control board. Internal ADC output, “H”: On screen display controller 1.

LPF, Mic and H. Electronic volume control 2. Pin function Pin No. Symbol Function Non connect Power supply terminal Connecting the crystal oscillator for system main clock Connecting the crystal oscillator for system main clock Connect r-x9010v GND Connecting manaul crystal oscillator for system sub clock PLL frequency synthesizer 1.

Pin Function Symbol Function When replacing those parts make AM Signal sure to use the specified one. Area suffix J U. In addition, maintain the best possible air circulation as illustrated. Introduction We would like to thank you for purchasing one of our JVC products. Before operating this unit, read this manual carefully and thoroughly to obtain the best possible performance from your unit, and retain this manual for future reference.

Parts Identification Refer to the pages in parentheses for details. Use the cables with RCA pin plugs not supplied. Connect the white plug to the audio left jack, and the red plug to the Center audio right jack. Connect the white plug to the audio left jack, the red plug to the Cassette deck audio right jack, and the yellow plug to the video jack. Check if the drivers are correctly installed.


Open the Control Panel on your PC: Connecting the Power Cord Putting Batteries in the Remote Control Before plugging the receiver into an AC outlet, make sure that all Before using the remote control, put two supplied batteries first. On the back of the remote control, remove the Plug the power cord into an Majual outlet. Multi-room Operations Before operating this receiver any further, be familiar with this Multi-room function.

This section explains only required speaker connections, the concept, and basic operations of the Multi-room function. From the remote control: Basic Operating Procedure for Main Room 1. Main Room Basic Operations This section explains only the operations commonly used when you manial any sound source mznual the main room. See pages 23 for the sub-room operations. You can use tx-9010v Menu” for most of the main room operations.

For details, see page Turning the Power On and Off Standby Check to see if the proper indicator s and information manuap on the On the front panel: On the front panel ONLY: Listening at Night — Midnight Mode Reinforcing the Bass Using the midnight mode, you tx-9010v enjoy a powerful sound at night You can boost the bass level.

Selecting the Line Direct Function Using the Sleep Timer You can enjoy the sound closer to original source by skipping the Using the Sleep Timer, you can fall asleep to music and know the sound adjustments such as Digital Equalization manuak Midnight Mode. Sub-Room Operations This section explains only the operations used when you play any sound source in the sub-room.

JVC RXVBK User Manual | 78 pages

See pages 17 for the main room operations. Canceling the Sub-room Operations 1. The lamp manuql the front panel button for selected source lights up.

Basic Settings Some of the following settings are required after connecting and positioning your speakers, while others will make operations easier. The following operations are only possible while manua, receiver is ready for the main room operations. The manuao keys are activated for sound adjustments.

Center Delay Time Setting Setting the Speakers for a Surround Register the delay time of the sound from the center speaker, Field comparing to that of the sound from the front speakers. If the distance from your listening point to the center speaker is To obtain the best possible surround sound of the Surround and DSP equal to that to the front speakers, select 0 ms. Selecting the Analog or Digital Input 1. When playing a software encoded with the Dolby Digital or 2.

If the setting is Without any setting required, this receiver stores different mannual canceled before you finish, start from step 1 again. Receiving Radio Broadcasts You can browse through all the stations or use the preset function to go immediately to a particular station.

  B156HW01 V.5 PDF

Selecting the FM Reception ,anual 4. You can change the FM reception mode while receiving an FM The station is assigned to the selected channel number. With this receiver, you can use a Surround mode and a DSP mode at the same time.

On of research on sound localization technology carried out at JVC for the other hand, indirect sounds are delayed rx-900v the distances of the many years. Make sure that you have set the speaker information correctly see page Adjust the center tone. The center tone adjustment affects the mid- The display changes to show the current frequency range, which the human voice is setting. Before you start, remember Select the speaker you want to adjust. Output a test tone. On this adjustment menu, you can do the following: Set the subwoofer information see 1.

To use this remote control system, you need to connect JVC audio Notes: Search for a disc by its genre: You can use the disc memory function through this receiver. The disc information its performer, disc title, and music genre of The Disc Information screen appears on the TV. For the MD recorder: Repeat step 3 until you finish putting a You can write the disc information disc title and song titles into the disc.

You can only write the song title for the song currently performer name up to selected. To use this remote control system, you need to connect the video components you want to operate, following the procedure below. DVD playback without setting other switches manually. Tuner Operating Audio Components You can always perform the following operations Returns to the beginning of the current or previous STOP: To change the transmittable signals for 4.

Turns on and off the VCR.

To change the transmittable signals for operating a CD player 1. Troubleshooting Use this chart to help you solve daily operational problems.

JVC RX-9010VBK Instructions Manual

If there is any problem you cannot solve, contact your Maanual service center. The power cord is not plugged in. Connect an outdoor FM antenna or contact reception. The station is too far away.

Select a new station. An incorrect antenna is used. Check with your dealer to manua, sure you nanual the correct antenna. Video W per channel, min. Sophisticated electronic products may require occasional service. Just as quality is a keyword in the engineering and production of the wide array of JVC products, service is the key to maintaining the high level of performance for which JVC is world famous.

The JVC service and engineering organization stands behind our products.