KA datasheet, KA circuit, KA data sheet: SAMSUNG – FM 1 CHIP RADIO,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic. KA Datasheet PDF Download – FM 1 CHIP RADIO, KA data sheet. KA from Samsung Semiconductor Division. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information.

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In this project we redesign the schematic and PCB with some of those changes and now it can directly tune into aviation band with minimum number of adjustments.

Samsung Electronic KA Series Datasheets. KA, KAD Datasheet.

For the optimal results we recommended to use high gain audio power amplifier and good external antenna with this receiver. At kw22429 testing we got very successful results on The recorded sample on The schematics, PCB design and wiring diagrams of this receiver are available to download at google drive.

Posted datahseet Dilshan Jayakody at 9: This is modified datasheeg of commonly available automatic car battery charger system.

I obtain original layout of this charger from one of the commercially available Chinese car battery charger and modified some of the sections of original schematic to improve the performance and stability of the system. Final view of automatic car battery charger All the components of this car battery charger are commonly available in the market. Ammeter in this system must be withstand for minimum of 8A current.

KA22429 डेटा पत्रक PDF( Datasheet डाउनलोड )

Low cost ammeter can also be ak22429 with suitable shunt. For the kaa22429 it is highly advisable to use some high quality unit. During our prototyping we mainly use 12V Omron and Panasonic realys with this system.

At the test stages we observe that some of the cheap relays may start to oscillate heavily with this system. Automatic car battery charger finished prototype Under normal conditions TIP and regulator in this system may not need any heatsinks.

This unit is specifically design to charge 12V lead acid car batteries and it is not suitable to use with other battery types.

Modified schematic of this car battery charger is available to download at google drive. Posted by Dilshan Jayakody at 7: This is 5 element Yagi-Uda antenna for MHz amateur radio transmissions and receiving. This antenna is design using commonly available TV antenna parts. The total boom length of this antenna is around mm and maximum span is With high quality shorter cable I archive SWR of 1: Posted by Dilshan Jayakody at 3: Under given configuration this modem send digital signals over two frequencies and which is switching around kHz and kHz.

In this system, modulator uses VCO ofand demodulator is based on close loop mode of phase comparator and external LPF assembly. This FSK modem is specifically design to transfer digital signals over mixed datasheef lines and dataaheet can directly use with any slow digital interfaces like UARTs. This system operates reliably under 10kHz range and we test it with standard TTL inputs. During our kka22429 we test this system with ATmega series microcontrollers and TTL signals sources.

Because of CMOS implementation this unit can operate in between 3V to 12V by without using any external regulator s or level shifters. Schematic diagram and PCB design patterns of this project are available to download at google drive. Posted by Dilshan Datasbeet at Wednesday, October 22, Optically controlled servo motor.


This is demonstration project to control servo motor movement using physical marker and normal video camera. In this project video camera capture the movements of marker and calculate rotation angle based on that. This calculated rotation angle is feed to the servo through small MCU based interfacing unit.

RS interface is use to communicate between PC and microcontroller. Interfaces in optical kz22429 controlling system This application detects movement of marker on Z axis yaw and transforms it into another numerical scale to manipulate the servo motor.

The marker used for this application is needed to be a ” square with some symbol ” and user can train this system for any compatible marker. As per our tests, standard 3MP or higher grade web cam is sufficient for this system. As per our observations servo movement is highly sensitive to the changes of marker object and the movement of the servo motor is also linear and smooth.

The source code, servo driver schematic and firmware of this project are available to ka22492 at google drive under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3.

Saturday, October 11, Digitally controlled 2. Datashest article introduces high quality digitally controlled ka2229. This system use commonly available electronic components and daatasheet the integrated circuits are in DIL packages.

This amplifier consists datashset few UI elements such as 2 push buttons and 1 rotary encoder. All the menu navigation can datasbeet through rotary encoder. Prototype version of 2. This is an open hardware project and all the firmware source codes, design files are covered with Mozilla Public License version 2. All the above content and complete documentation is available to download at http: When it comes to me both receiver and ka222429 are in very bad shape and most of the PCBs and chassis are covered with dust and some of the components are very badly damaged.

After examining both the chassis I decided to repair both units because of its vintage value and also I like to try some tube base SSB receiver and transmitter pair. This datawheet has 3. This receiver consists with 6 vacuum tubes, 5 transistors and ja22429 diodes.

JR which I restored is working with V and total power consumption is around 70W. This unit consists with 10 vacuum tubes, 5 transistors and 9 diodes. Like JR, this unit also working with V power source. Datasbeet final stage vacuum tube and high voltage area of TX I did restoration of above mentioned TX and JR step-by-step and most of the steps are listed in my qsl.

Recently I got vintage Eddystone EC10 MK1 communication receiver from friend of mine and it is completely dead when it comes to me. I did restoration step-by-step and most of the steps are listed in my qsl. Other than repairing, this article covers details of power supply which I integrated into EC10 communication receiver. The schematics and photographs are available at the same article. After repairing and above changes EC10 starts to work again and with some external antenna is performs quiet well.

Posted by Dilshan Jayakody at 2: Recently I got some RXT unit and its problem is distorted audio output. To fix this issue we disassemble the potentiometer and clean it datwsheet isopropyl-alcohol this potentiometer is not available in local market and only option is to clean it and use it again.


After datashset two fixes receiver starts to work again. This is our first vacuum tube base amplifier project and this project is based on 6AS5 pentode and 6N2P dual triode. Datasheey of this project is not designed by us and we got it from web.

We got this schematic sometimes ago and now we can’t find original site where this schematic appeared first, because of that we host copy of that schematic in here. Prototype version of 6AS5 and 6N2P guitar amplifier In original schematic, initial stage of the amplifier is based on 12AX7 high gain tube.

Both 12AX7 and 6N2P had identical characteristics and only datahseet difference is heater configuration. After replacing 12AX7 with 6N2P, both the tubes can drive through single 6. We test this amplifier with 4K audio output transformer and it produces excellent results. This amplifier is not suitable for use as Hi-Fi audio amplifier.

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Friday, June 27, Simple RdRand base random number generator library. RdRand instruction is available from 3 rd generation Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors.

RdRandLib source codes and sample codes are available at http: Compiled version of DLL is available at http: Posted by Dilshan Jayakody at 8: Tuesday, June 17, Analog AC line monitoring box. Analog AC line monitoring box This is a quick post about our newly constructed AC line monitoring unit. This unit consists with analog AC voltmeter, frequency meter and ammeter. Both voltmeter and frequency meter are 2. All these panel meters are commonly available in market.

Ammeter in this assembly is connected to the mains line through 60A — 5A current transformer and all the other panel meters are coupled to the mains line through mA quick blow fuses. Wiring diagram of this unit is illustrated in below.

Wiring diagram of analog AC line monitoring box Enclosure of this assembly is made with medium density plywood sheets. We construct this unit to monitor the AC line status continuously and also to get some line measurements accurately from known reference level. ACammetercurrent transformerfrequency meterline monitormeterpanel metersvoltmeter.

Some of the high level specifications of this receiver are listed in below: FM and 3 external stereo line inputs FM frequency range: Preset 10 FM radio stations FM tune options: This system is design to work with 12V – 15V 2A DC power source and KA multi-output regulator is used to manage power requirements to the above mentioned components.

All the analog components of this receiver including power supply are controlled by ATmega32A microcontroller.

In our prototyping stages we try this system on breadboards and hand-made PCB, and get equivalent results. Sunday, May 18, Workshop Organizer – inventory controller for home-workshops. Workshop Organizer is light-weight, cross platform inventory controller for home-workshops.

User may not need to download or install separate SQLite database system to use this application. Workshop Organizer default SQLite database consist with more than reference data including list of manufacturers and types.