International Traffic. Management. Professional Furthermore Keuzegids HBO Voltijd (in Dutch) ranked this. Keuzegids rankings The Keuzegids is the only independent guide, One of the five published reports, ‘HBO full-time studies’ (HBO Voltijd), critically The tuition fees (/) are fixed at euros per year for EU students, and Keuzegids HBO voltijd 9 Oct by Frank Keuzegids MBO-Studies 5 Feb by Frank HBO voltijd (Keuzegids). 15 Oct

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HZ University of Applied Sciences. Its core values are quality, personal development, mutual respect and professional orientation. Through a custom-built, flexible study programme, students acquire the knowledge and skills that will prepare them for a challenging career ahead.

Rankings — HZ second best Dutch university of applied sciences! Second place, just like last year. Also considered top notch are teacher expertise, level of education, quality of study coaching, size of study groups keuzzegids career preparation, classrooms, work places and computer facilities.

Why students choose HZ? Moreover, the fact that HZ has an extensive network of partner universities and companies all 0213 the world is also a determinant factor in their choice.

This network gives them the opportunity to choose from a wide range of exchange programmes and work placements during their studies. Finally, the location of Zeeland appeals to students who also consider living on the Dutch Coast to be a plus-point. HZ is known for its personal approach.


Being a medium-sized university, HZ considers a personal approach of its students and staff of paramount importance. Consequently, classes are kept small and every student has his own study career coach. As an international student, you will acquire your chosen competencies by means of custom-made education, which will prepare you with great flexibility for a career in a multicultural and multiform society.

HZ makes sure that faculty and staff are always there to help you. Programmes volyijd HZ are flexible and individually tailored. In the last Study Guide to Higher Education in the Netherlands Keuzegids Hoger Onderwijs most of HZ Bachelor programmes have keuzdgids assessed as being in the top 3 of their respective fields of study. Both the quality and the accessibility of lecturers and the size of students groups are assessed as very positive across the keuzeyids as a whole.

Classrooms, work places and computer facilities are rated as excellent. If you wish to combine theory with keuzebids, HZ is the place for you. Representatives from companies not only fulfill an advisory function in the development of HZ curricula, they also provide excellent work placement opportunities.

You will go on field trips and company visits, receive guest lectures from professionals, do practically oriented assignments and will be offered subjects that link up with the professional reality. Two semesters work placement in a company are also an important part of the study programme. Keuzrgids experience of working inside the corporate culture of one of more companies will make a direct contribution to your success at the start of your career.


Zeeland is the most touristic region in the Netherlands.

Avans opnieuw beste hogeschool

The town of Vlissingen is a medium-sized tourist and student town. Vlissingen offers everything you need for voltiijd wonderful student life! International atmosphere and global understanding. As an international student you will find yourself in the classroom with students from many other nationalities.

HZ University – iConsulting

This is the best way to get to know other cultures. Above all, you will find that due to the influence of all foreign students, the principle of global understanding is present in every single course and in daily life at our university. Personal Approach HZ is known for its personal approach. Programmes Programmes at HZ are flexible and individually tailored. Location Zeeland is the most touristic region in the Netherlands.

International atmosphere and global understanding As an international student you will find yourself in the classroom kejzegids students from many other nationalities.

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