The SL-T11R brings together all of the features necessary in order to build a Category 4 compatible safety circuit into a single unit. KEYENCE SL-T11R LIGHT CURTAIN CONTROL RELAY 24V-DC V-AC MA D : Industrial & Scientific. Buy New or Surplus KEYENCE CORP SL-T11R (SAFETY CONTROL RELAY TERMINAL, TYPE4, MA, 2/4AMP, 24VDC) parts. Radwell also repairs.

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KEYENCE Sl-t11r Slt11r Light Curtain Controller | eBay

Never use it in the presence of flammable or explosive gases or elements. DIN rail Switch No.

When wiring output connectors A and B, prepare the following connectors and cable. If any models or samples were shown to Buyer, such models or samples were used merely to illustrate the general type and quality of the Products and not to represent that the Products would necessarily conform to said models or samples.


Safety Light Curtain

This instruction manual descr ibes handling, operation, and precautionary information for the SL-T11R. Manual in or der to understand the featur es and functions of the SL-T11R, and keep this instr uction. Ensure that the end user of this pr oduct recei ves this manual. This instruction manual uses the fol lowing headings keynce display important safety information.

F ailure to f ollow the instructio n results in signifi cant harm to the machine operators in cluding. F ailure to f ollow the i nstruction may result in damage to the SL-V or to the machine on which. Provides additiona l information f or proper oper ation.

SL-T11R: Type4 Quick Connect Safety Relay Terminal for SL-V : SL-V series | KEYENCE Philippines

keyrnce Provides adv anced and useful inf ormation f or operation. For such regulation s, you should make direct contact wit h the regulatory agency re sponsi. The r esponsible personnel must inst all the. SL-T11R in str ict compliance wi th such safety r egulations.

Y ou must perform an appropriate installa. Nev er use it in the prese nce of flam.


The SL-T11R, theref ore. Do not use the SL-T11R f or. Ref er to OSHA Estab lishing a saf ety-related ma chine control system with j ust. Usage of these functions as saf ety outputs may result in signif. If the w ait input is connected to. Usage of cabl es longer than the specified.

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In thi s case, repl ace the relay boar d accordi ng to “Replacing. T esting and Maintenance.

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