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A horrible accident brings the two boys together. Blaine and Kurt have been best friends for the past nine years, but now that they’re more aware of their feelings for one another, they want to go further.

The only problem is that Blaine’s half vampire, and he grew up with the mentality of the Dalton Academy for Gifted Youngsters: He’s gone to great lengths to make sure that he never hurts Kurt, but if they were ever in the heat of the moment, what could happen? Kurt goes to a friend’s bonfire in his senior year of high school. There, he meets a boy named Blaine, and it’s the first time he ever gets to cuddle in bed with a boy, but that’s all that happens.

They seem to get a long really well, and without meaning to, Kurt has a nice and nerve wrecking idea forming: I loved the sweet moments between Kurt and Blaine in this ep, Kurts prom proposal at Breadstix, Blaines little sad speech about his past school dance experience, and then the ‘I’m crazy about you. Most of the straight couples get to kiss in EVERY frikkin episode, so why can’t they show at least the same respect to Kurt and Blaines relationship?

I Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I have enjoyed imagining it. Part 4 of the Ready to Fly Series. When they break curfew one night, Burt has something to say about it! Part 5 of the Ready to Fly Series: Summer is almost over, and while Blaine has spent a lot of time with the Hummels, Kurt still has not been invited to the Anderson home.

Blaine has a secret, that he is trying desperately to keep. When it’s revealed, nothing will ever be the same. Takes place between Glee season 2 and 3. Sebastian is a man dammit and he wants to know who he’s bonded to, legality be damned. Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine had decided that since they were all going back home for Thanksgiving, it made a lot more sense to drive there in Rachel’s little hybrid than to spend all that money to fly.

Besides, if they were all going, the hour drive would feel much more like a road trip and much less like a chore. So when Rachel had found out in September, before she knew how vapid her roommate truly was, that Katie’s parents weren’t exactly the ‘family time’ type and had planned a trip to Europe for the holidays, Rachel immediately invited Katie along for the trip.


She was very much regretting that now. A dream is a wish your heart makes, or so the Disney song says. But that’s all a wish is – a dream. What if your wish came true?

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Kurt Hummel made a wish one night to meet someone brave like him. But what he didn’t expect, was for a boy to show up on his doorstep the next morning, claiming to be that very wish of his. Kurt is institutionalized after a suicide attempt, that followed years of depression and anxiety. Blaine, is a member of a show choir, who performs for people in hospitals and care homes. They two boys meet at Green Meadows Psychiatric Hospital- and together discover the powers of music, love, and other healing drugs.

Puck and Blaine met at a Fight Club tournament and the two grew close. They fell in love, but then Puck told Kurt to go to Dalton and it all falls apart. Seven year old Kurt meets Blaine at a musem. He wears neat clothes and has nice eyes. In Kurts opinion, he’s perfect best friend material. A decision is made in regards to their relationship.

Kurt does nothing out of pity. They had planned to tale on the Big Apple together, if a year apart.

Subtracting Kurt from that, from Blaine, was painting the future a different shade. College AU where Kurt and Blaine have never met.

One day, while doing bona fide, honest to God research for a Gender and Sexuality Studies class, Kurt runs across a very familiar face. Awkwardness, hilarity, smut and fluff ensue. Blaine needs to go to New York for college research. Kurt says he can stay with him. Blaine can barely restraint himself from kissing his ex-boyfriend. They somehow end up cuddling one night.

Rachel is not impressed by Kurt’s excuses. What if he dated Rachel briefly before getting together with Kurt? What if Kurt and Blaine decided to break up when Kurt moved to New York, and they both dated other people during that year?

These questions and others which I won’t mention because they are spoilery are what inspired this AU. I hope you enjoy. Kurt and Blaine never dated in high school, but they stayed friends until Blaine’s relationship with Sebastian drove them apart. Six outer walls, five doors, five rooms, three windows, and one balcony.

This is the world in which Blaine Anderson has lived for ten years.

This was truly a beautiful story. Mental illness and relationships and change and allowing people to have a part of you. When the invitation comes, Blaine Anderson is delighted — he can’t think of a better way to usher in the holidays than an impromptu Warbler reunion to celebrate one of their own getting married. Avoiding the ex might just call for drastic measures — and Fanfictuon knows just the man for the job. He meant to make a quiet exit the morning after, but overbearing parents, a cranky roommate, and the justice system had other plans.

When Kurt lost the things he loved the most, he hid himself away from the world – until the night Blaine crashed into his life. This is an AU. A snowbound cabin romance. And a story where Kurt and Blaine never met, until they did.

Klaine FanFiction

It’s been seven years since Blaine became Prince, and in that time he’s hidden away from the world. Only Kurt, the son of a merchant, can draw him out before it’s too late. Klaine Beauty and the Beast AU.


Sometimes it was but for a moment. Sometimes it kllaine a lifetime. Often it was met with tragedy. Tragic love stories desperate for their happy endings, destined to repeat themselves until they could get it right. And this time, Kurt thinks they may have done it. Sometimes Kurt and Blaine.

Kurt Hummel has inherited magical powers, powers that have drawn the attention of the lethal and lecherous Blaine Anderson, Marquess of Wiltshire, London’s most powerful vampire.

But Kurt’s powers aren’t the only thing Blaine desires. He wants the stubborn beauty in his bed-and despite Kurt’s protests to the contrary, he has every intention of getting what he wants. Until one day an overly-enthusiastic transfer student from some private school is asking him for directions, and his fantiction brings home the mother of his once-tormentor.

Blaine stutters but Kurt still understands him.

klaine fanfiction on Tumblr

Um, this verse is long and lovely. Such a good story, lots of emotion When new Hollywood golden boy Kurt Hummel receives some disturbing letters, his manager hires bodyguard Blaine Anderson to be with llaine 24 hours a day.

In an attempt to hide Blaine’s true identity from the press they decide he needs to go undercover Kurt never went to Dalton, and so that fateful meeting on the staircase never happened. And because Kurt never met Blaine, he has never been kissed, at least, not one that mattered. He followed Rachel to New York, but he soon found himself frustrated and lonely. And so, he turned to writing fan fiction about a hot new show called Partners, starring brothers Cooper and Blaine Anderson.

Soon, Kurt’s life fwnfiction turned upside down by a string of private messages fandiction a mysterious reviewer, SEPartnersfan. Blaine Anderson has a lot fanflction look forward to this year. It’s his final year at NYU, he’s landed his dream internship at Sue Sylvester Productions, and he got to spend the night with a beautiful boy he met on the dance floor while out with his friends.

Klaine fanfiction

On Blaine’s first day of his internship he realizes he has a very big problem. Kurt Hummel, the beautiful boy from the dance floor, is his new boss. In an alternate universe, all babies are born with a level of empathic sensitivity to others; an ability to sense emotions, to glimpse deep into a person’s soul with just a kiss.

Registering at a mere 0. That is, until the mysterious Blaine Anderson transfers to McKinley, and everything Kurt thought he knew was changed. This is the story of the boy who could not feel, and the boy who felt too much. Kurt always promised himself that he wouldn’t have crushes on unattainable guys anymore, but here he is again, with a crush on his hot personal trainer, Blaine.

The Little Mermaid inspired Klaune. Nobody knows how Kurt Hummel ended up as the only survivor of a plane crash.