DEK 5/ PLUS MC. mm. 1, DEK 5/5 PLUS MC. 5 mm. 1, DEK 5/6 PLUS MC. 6 mm. 1, DEK 5/ Buy Klippon Terminals and Weidmuller Terminal accessories from Park Electrical Services. The Weidmüller Klippon® Connect range of terminal blocks offers compelling benefits throughout the entire panel building process. Whether.

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Panel building requires innovative ideas. Because innovations involved in the process steps of this workshop teminals, which is traditionally characterised by manual components, harbours a great deal of potential with respect to increasing productivity.

Klippon Connect A-Series

If your panel building klippoj are fast and efficient you can become more productive, and connectivity plays a decisive role in this regard, as the effort required for wiring is a considerable time factor.

This latest pioneering connectivity solution crucially contributes to more productive panel building operations.

As your partner in Industrial Connectivity, we consider panel building to be an integrated process — from the planning stage all the way trminals installation and operation. Our offer — which consists of tailored application products, universal terminal blocks and process supporting services — provides you with productivity benefits at all stages of the panel building process.

You can increase your efficiency during installations without compromising on safety. The innovative PUSH IN technology featured in our A-Series portfolio reduces connection times for solid conductors and conductors with crimped-on wire-end ferrules by up to 50 percent compared to tension clamp terminals.


Buy Klippon Terminals | Weidmuller Terminals

With a view to improve existing solutions we have studied panels across all industries and assessed common applications. As klippln result we have developed and introduced application orientated products and solutions to help reduce installation time, save space and simplify product selection, and signal wiring is one such application.

With the current levels of automation, there are more and more sensors monitoring the production process. This increases the number of signals to be combined and structured and given the restricted space in the control cabinet, this can become a real challenge.

Traditional solutions utilise double or even triple deck terminals to try and reduce the amount of space taken in the panel, but this results in the use of larger terminal and does not help reduce the wiring complexity.

You can benefit from tailored, really compact solutions for the structured wiring of initiator and actuator signals with the input and output modules of a programmable logic controller PLC. Compared with conventional wiring solutions, our AIO initiator-actuator terminal blocks enable a high wiring density. With coloured pushers, each conductor — positive, negative, signal or PE — has its own llippon and therefore incorrect wiring is prevented, while installation and maintenance are made more efficient.


Combine this with a check and test point at each potential and at each contact point, the different potentials can be tested at every contact point. This means that factory acceptance testing and any associated fault finding work in the panel is significantly faster. Utilising PUSH-IN technology the maximum time saving during the wiring process is achieved, as well as guaranteeing vibration-resistant and gas-tight connections.

Coloured pushers provide clear identification of each potential and dual cross connection channels allow for flexible potential distribution. Utilising the application feature, Signal Wiring rails are simple to build, automatically selecting the desired terminals and accessories tegminals you know how many sensor signal points you require.

Klippon® Connect

Terminal rails, parts lists and documentation are available at the click of a button. The tool supports continuous engineering trrminals — from planning with E-CAD to requirements and documentation. Simple operation, a clear design and integration in your engineering systems make configuring terminal rails a simple, safe and convenient process.

Kljppon fantastic attention to detail during the terminal rail assembly process increases planning quality compared with E-CAD systems. Where now for PV in the UK. Jubilee Year for Weidmuller at Hannover Messe. Sales contacts by region.