Way of the Crab Action: Sacrifice a (friendly) [Crab] character. Choose an opponent – that player must sacrifice a character. (Max 1 per round.). I have been under the impression that Way of the Crab required the friendly crab personality to leave play to take effect. This would mean that if. If my opponent chooses to sacrifice a character wearing a Reprieve to use Way of the Crab, and the Reprieve is discarded instead of the.

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You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. So I counted the number of times the word “auto-include” is used in the text, and it is Kingsley, Kisada is the worst od champ? Kisada wins games all by himself, and can’t be dishonored to any appreciable effect.

Dishonoring clan champs is always my go to play, and aay a generic option open to all decks. He has his hard counters but the opponent needs to have them in their decks and have drawn them. That feels like a bit of an edge to me.

He’s not the best, but he’s clearly at the top end of the pack right now. Altansarnai is definitely the worst in my opinion. Sometimes she can make a good play with that ability, but it’s harder to play. Kisada by contrast you just put him out and say deal with it. I am also not a big fan of Tsukune. I’ve found her kind of easy to play around. Also in my experience you guys are overrating Funeral Pyre and underrating Ths Fortification well some of you. I think teh Stronghold is on the weaker side.

The effect only working on defense it tough though. Sure it can help you defend with less, but often time I’m defending with nothing or with one dude because that’s enough and at that point the stronghold did almost nothing for me. I hope we see some new Strongholds sooner rather than later. I’d be really interested to see what my other options are for the faction.

I hate the Vengeful Berserker. You guys all rate him high. He just never seems to pay off that potential for me and his dash in political does come up. I can win fine in military without that guy, and more than a few times I had no way to trigger his ability, or if I did it was only happening once and for marginal effect. I think this guy is a fun excited effect, but he always gets cut for me. It’s pretty safe to wau wild mistakes in valuing cards for the game’s duration. I mean what is the point if we don’t?

I thought this was all about discovering a card’s worth. I offer nothing to the conversation if I just point out everything I agree with on this page.

That get’s us nowhere. On the plus side I agree with most of their dynasty character reviews. I just hate Vengeful Berserker.

Everything else feel spot on. The only other conflict card I haven’t mentioned that I disagree with is Rebuild because it feels like they are rating it too high. Maybe in the future it will justify that rating. It’s no where near Reprieve and Watch Commander right now in a comparative rating.

Way of the Crab

All that said I do think it’s important to remember to be respectful to people. It’s alright to disagree, but there is a polite way to make your opinions heard.

We want good discourse right? Kingsley ” offering a solid buff for both attack and defense” is simply wrong but the grading is reasonable. It’s pretty much a combination with his stronghold score. The most problematic thing about the stronghold is, that you need to defend with 2 characters to get a really strong effect out of rhe. I understand, that you take away points for that.


But why does Hida Guardian deserve a perfect score, if he is only usefull if you defend together with someone else and can be shut off by your oponent? This card was almost always average in my games. Cards like this make Crab work, because they allow Crab to have multiple characters in a conflict, have easy sacrifice fodder and this card even generates a netvalue of one card when leaving the game.

This card doesn’t have good stats, so the immunity rarely matters. Crwb not even close to auto include atm. The card is a monster that destroys provinces easily on his own, letting you spend the rest of your ressources on defense. This card would probably be broken with cost 3. Being unique makes it also not unlikely that he will stick around.

No Clan Champion is worse than the Unicorn one. I can get behind the score, because spending so much for a beatstick with a situational ability, but at least he is a solid beatstick, which is enough a lot of the time. Eay have the feeling that some reviews don’t take into consideration, that crab tries to prolong the game and grind out advantages. This card is a pretty good stalling tool.

GIving the Ambusher a higher score than Stoic Gunso seems really strange to me. Stoic Gunso makes Crab more consistent and enables the Berserker, with which he often dominates both military conflicts. Even in clans like Scorpion a 5 str mil character for 2 is very efficient for a conflict wqy.

The Way of the Crab | L5r: Legend of the Five Rings Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

l5f Way of the Crab. This is one of the best cards in the game and the reason I consider the Crab clan to be one of the three best clans at the moment. It often times wins games against Dragon and Phoenix, because it’s really difficult to play around it for them and Assasinate into Way of the Crab often generates a ridicoulus tempo swing. The other clans have it easier against it, but they also need to play around it, which often forces them into suboptimal plays. I think my favorite phrase in this review is ” simply winning a challenge before making their primary attack.

I actually think I understand the point of the comment – tthe you can’t win the conflict you want to win because of Kisada’s ability, you might be able to win a lesser conflict that doesn’t threaten to break a province because your opponent is holding back their defenders for the larger force that they can see you holding back.

But a it sounds funny the way Kingsley put it, and b I’m not convinced it will actually work like that eay practice. Still forthcoming, but I wanted to get the rest of the thing up without making people wait too long!

Controversial, I know – we’ll see how my prediction holds up. I’ve had a lot of situations where, for instance, I’m threatening to break a province or maybe even SH with a big military attack, and Kisada and a few strong defenders are waiting.

But instead of going in on military first, I can make a small political attack that my opponent can’t defend wzy against, which he either has to overcommit to lowering his forces’ crzb for the military battle or else lose Kisada’s ability for the one where abilities are more likely to see play. Toturi gets a pass because he has alot of tricks to get him into combat for free.


Ll5r so far has been a pretty stellar character because of that ability. I have never seen Altansarnai used to good crah on the table.

How to Play Crab (According to Joe From Cincinnati) Part I

Maybe I need to play a good Unicorn player, but she seems pretty lame to me. I don’t think anyone is disagreeing on Shoju being top of the pack though.

That guy is crazy. Yeah you can play around Kisada, but you gotta play around Kisada. He’s still threatening the break without any other cards against most low cost defenders. You’ve gotta throw something beefy in front of crba. Just keep straightening him, reprieving him, and Vanguard Warrioring him and throw a Watch Commander on him as soon as you get it.

Unless it’s Unicorn with all their movement tricks I’m not sure wasting your own resources on a half hearted political attack is exactly coming out ahead.

Way of the Crab | L5r: Legend of the Five Rings Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

If you were first that round and I didn’t feel like it was worth my tye to block I’ll just play to prevent the break and you can have Kisada’s ability at that point. In any turn where I’m going first he’s probably going to fire that ability at least twice. Also in the end I’m a Crab loyalist so I’m gonna stand up for my champ. There was no possible argument that was gonna convince me that Kisada is the worst. I personally don’t care if Tsukune is dishonored unless she has the potential to be bridged by a Crane player.

Her value is in her ability, the stats while honored are a nice bonus sometimes. Kisada is easilly top half of clan champions though, his ability may not be back breaking,but it’s always relevant. I don’t think you get many “blow out” Way of the Crab plays against good players, but it’s definitely useful every game.

Vengeful Berserker is also between 3 or 4 out of 5 for me. Maybe it’s my phoenix bias, but he’s not terribly difficult to answer and he’s so one note that anything that prevents him from doing what he wants to do will pretty much blow him out do to his inflexibility. He’s definitely the best Crab 3 cost, but that doesn’t say much at all. I agree about Way Of The Crab. I was getting alot of “are you sure” kind of comments in the Crab strategy thread, but I do agree against a player who understands that card you often won’t get a real juicy target.

You are basically hoping to catch your opponent in a misplay at that point. That said the existence of Way Of The Crab makes you opponent play a certain way and that has some value since it might be a sub optimal way to play. I think Tsukune is too expensive if she isn’t also doing something for you in combat considering I’ll usually just leave water and something for her to trigger.

Phoenix was probably winning the favor anyway considering their glory and shenanigans so water readying a dude doesn’t phase me much. If she triggers air or fire on top of that she’s basically doing the equivalent of two 0 cost conflict cards.