Slide 1 Slide 2 ELECTROANALISIS (Elektrometri) Potensiometri, Amperometri and Voltametri Slide 3 Electroanalysis Mengukur berbagai. Penentuan Konsentrasi NaOH, HCl, dan Ka asam asetat menggunakan metode potensiometri dan konduktometrimore. by Listiana Lestari. Potensiometri. digunakan untuk penentuan ion La3+, salah satu diantaranya adalah metode potensiometri menggunakan elektroda selektif ion (ESI) tipe kawat terlapis.

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Published on Dec View Download If electrochemical reaction depletes or produces some species at the electrode surface, then a concentration gradient develops and the electroactive species will tend to diffuse from the bulk solution to the electrode or from the potensiomehri out into the bulk solution Convection mass transfer due to stirring.

Achieved by some form of mechanical movement of the solution or the electrode i. I reduction depends on the no.


Also potensial is independent of concentration and can therefore be used as a diagnostic of identity of analytes. Preconcentration or accumulation step.

High frequency impedance spectroscopy

This normally involves the use of an inert disc electrode made from platinum, gold or glassy carbon. Nickel has also lapogan used. The potensial is continuously changed as a linear function of time. The rate of change of potensial with time is referred to as the scan rate v.

Compared to a RDE the scan rates in cyclic voltametri are usually much higher, typically 50 mV s -1 Slide 54 Cyclic voltametri Cyclic voltametri, in which the direction of the potensial is reversed at the end of the first scan. Thus, the waveform is usually of the form of an isosceles triangle.

The advantage using a stationary electrode is that the product of the electron transfer reaction that occurred in the forward scan can be probed again pptensiometri the reverse scan. CV is a powerful tool for the determination of formal redox potensials, detection of chemical reactions that precede or follow the electrochemical reaction and evaluation of electron transfer kinetics.


Software development kit

PO metode elektroanalitik adalah potensiometri, voltametri, Coulometri, Konduktometri, Verifica amperometri versione definitiva Engineering. Pembahsan Dan Kesimpulan Elektrometri Documents.

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Laporan 6 Voltametri Analisis Parasetamol. Modul 5 Potensiometri, Konduktometri Documents.