Manu Larcenet’s masterpiece, “Blast” wraps up with its fourth volume, as the truth comes out, the case concludes, and nobody’s happy. Grasse carcasse has ratings and 65 reviews. Goran said: Polza je ekstremno debeo pisac koji živi relativno rutinskin životom. Tako biva sve dok mu . Emmanuel Larcenet, known as Manu Larcenet (born May 6, in Issy-les- Moulineaux, . Volume 1, (). Blast (Dargaud, ). Grasse Carcasse, ( ).

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Grasse carcasse

Artist Manu Larcenet was born in At the age of 10 he launched himself into the world of comic books, drawing every day, and he would never look back. Over the years, his creative drive led him to join up with some of the greatest contemporary comics creators and publishers, covering an astounding range of topics and genres, from the zany Cosmonauts of the Future with Lewis Trondheimto the magnificent series Larrcenet Victoriesand ladcenet incredible and unique Blast. You can discover more about this last series here below.


I wanted a change. I wanted to do a slower narrative with more pages, more silence, more white space. I wanted to achieve this Zen atmosphere, to allow more time for reflection… There is very little text. The concept revolves around a guy who is held at the police station for two days where he tells his life story.

How does one act when one feels bad in our society? What is our alternative?

But in any case, throughout the four volumes I talk about the larrcenet that concerned me at that time. You see a multifaceted character who goes through the last six years of his life.

You see him change.

If I did — I would blasy hired a studio, like they do in Japan. I spent a lot of time on the drawings, on the ink wash painting… It is a book that sits in between manga and a contemplative work. When I was working on Ordinary VictoriesI was also following a character, but I was avoiding his dark side, whereas in Blast I followed the dark side alone.


In order to succeed, you need to plunge yourself into difficulties. I hope it produced interesting results. A few questions for the Eisner-nominated artist behind the Alter Ego Email Comments This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Blast by Manu Larcenet on artnet

Europe Comics All Digital. Could you sum up the story of Blast for us? Was it a difficult work to create? Lucky Luke Turns 70! Europe Comics at the Belgrade Book Fair. Efa A few questions for the Eisner-nominated artist behind the Alter Ego