Test Equipment Solutions Ltd specialise in the second user sale, rental and distribution of quality test & measurement (T&M) equipment. We stock all major. Refurbished Leader LAGA Sine/Square Wave Generator – on sale at at Test Equipment Depot. Used LEADER LagA Signal Generator For Sale – DOTmed Listing # .

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What is the budget? But it has a built-in frequency counter, and can go all the way from 0. Fine control over frequency and output voltage.

Audio Generator LAG-120A

The frequency counter also has a external input so you can use it to help calibrate your decks properly. Which i think was a good deal. I like the Hewlett Packard A. Sine and square up to 2meg. Or the C or D which is sine only.

C has only variable. All have a low distortion setting on the rear panel. And Krohn Hite makes nice products too.

All these turn up on eBay from time to time. So my “old school” love might be getting the best of me, but this one looks like it will fit the bill.

The Leader looks nice too. The old GriefKits are nice but if you want one with digital readout I’ve owned one of these GW Function Generators for many trouble free years: I already picked one up a Heathkit IG I never heard of these and I may like them them better than what I did get. What about an arbitrary waveform generator? Check out those from a company called Rigol. I am very happy with my digital scope from them. I like the vintage HP A which I bought recently on Ebay, not inexpensive, but fresh calibration and in great condition.


Introduced by the great Hewlett Ledaer company in this issue of ‘Hp Journal’ scroll down to page AFAIK all measurement devices must be checked and adjusted on a yearly basis. Sometimes it’s needed, most times not. They do not absolutely need to be checked each year, but mayby the next one, leadrr every 3 years.

Leader LAG-120A

Even that, most measurement devices sold lleader eBay Germany are extremely expensive, and some have their checkup interval due by years. I believe a subnotebook or palm device with an USB-soundcard from a major leadre like M-Audio is as good as a standalone unit, but more flexible in operation. With a payware like LabView one can replace successful even other tools, provided of course that the acquisition device is of a high-level.

I repeat, to be clear: Used units are lwg expensive, and given the fact that they can be de-calibrated, makes this a risky investment. So as long as the output is 1. So in some ways a Function Generator is not ideal. HP makes very nice instruments. But the A has one compromise I don’t like, especially for audio testing. The sine waves are synthesized from triangle waves run through a diode shaping filter.

And this is true for many synthesized function generators. Give me a nice RC oscillator with feedback for lowest distortion. I’ve had such a thing for decades: Tenma is low end Chinese or Korean I think. But at least the distortion is somewhat better.

Leader Electronics Corp Laga Audio Generator | eBay

I, my self, would not buy one. I’d much prefer something like this. I have used these before and it is priced leaer.

Better to get one with a built in attenuator. I appreciate the suggestions. The Wavetek looks ok, but didnt see any on Ebay with a low buy it now price. There is a Leader that I noticed that looks good, I may go for it.


I contacted the HPa seller and he was lsader enough to allow me to return it to him minus shipping cost which I guess I’ll do, unless anyone thinks its still worthwhile to keep, and can be used for other measurements that perhaps the Leader might not be suitable for. I certainly welcome any comments.

I think back in school in the electronics lab, we used this one, but its been a while: I just noticed a Wavetek available. While the Wavetek is a nice unit in it’s own right, it is a “function generator” that suffers the same sine wave distortion shortcomings as the HP A because they are synthesized leaxer triangle waves in the same fashion.

Leader Electronics Corp. LAGA Manuals

Function generators have a purpose in electronic design where one needs a variety of waveshapes, and are also good for amplitude and sweep response measurements. But they do not serve well for distortion measurements. Because everything in electronics is a trade-off, there is no one unit that does it all perfectly. At lease not in a reasonable price frame. So it is not uncommon to have two or more signal sources for a variety of tests. Leaedr do think the Leader would serve you well.

It’s made in Japan but is of high quality. Not like HP, but still good. Otherwise, I can contact the company and see leadef they can provide it. Someone on Ebay has a Leader LAGB available, says its working, looks to be in good condition, but lrader need calibration.