2 Reprinted for Kundalini Awakening Systems 1. KUNDALINI-. PSYCHOSIS OR TRANSCENDENCE? Lee Sannella, M.D.. Washington Street. Many people have heard of the extraordinary phenomenon of kundalini awakening, and a growing number have had firsthand experience — in Lee Sannella. With me today in the studio is Dr. Lee Sannella, a physician and author of The Kundalini Experience: Psychosis or Transcendence? Dr. Sannella is the founder .

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At times this was associated with severe back pains. Together with the alterations in the thinking process, the emotional changes have frequently been mistaken for mental illness. The energetic manifestations have continued almost constantly, and they tend to increase when she devotes more time to meditation.

Another autobiography that documents a spontaneous tne awakening is that of Gopi Krishnaa teacher and administrator in Kashmir. It stands for the continuity or great principle of life, the union between Heaven and Earth. From then on he remained constantly llee of his consciousness as a luminous field, waxing and waning mysteriously. The power inside my body did not abate all night and I could not sleep. He is leading a quiet life, interrupted only by occasional visits from former students whom he counsels.

The yogin is instructed to pierce through each knot by way of single-minded concentration and focused breath.

His body began to rock, and he was enclosed in a halo of light. I developed a frightening yogic symptom in mid that put me in a coronary care unit for three days. In January he participated in a second weekend intensive during which he was again touched by Swami Muktananda. Just to confound her, I signed up and stayed with it for swnnella five years.

The Kundalini Experience: Psychosis or Transcendence by Lee Sannella

Vibrations started in the pelvic area and from there moved up her back to her neck. Painting experiende four was created. Steve marked it as to-read Mar 12, Moreover, the kundalini energy appears to diffuse, so that it may be operating on several levels at once, removing several different stress points simultaneously. It was a question about whether the experience should be permitted to continue. A study of the various traditional accounts for which enough detail is recorded reveals symptom patterns and experiential phenomena that are strikingly similar to those found in the clinical cases cited in this book.


Of course, these are all only metaphors. For several days he felt physically exhausted. Kjndalini looked likely that she was in the early stages epxerience the physio- kundalini cycle, and that the stress and worry about possible physical disease were increasing her difficulties. Although the original version of this book was written with medical practitioners in mind, it was widely read by many non- specialists. She kuundalini brilliant bird song inside her head and felt kundalii tingling in her throat.

It was at this time that she came to my attention. At age eighteen he developed debilitating pains in his solar plexus. Doing only mild aerobic exercises, he feels ten years younger.

In the course of its upward motion, the kundalini is held to encounter all kinds of impurities that are burned off by its dynamic activity.

The Kundalini Experience: Psychosis or Transcendence

I distinctly felt an incomparably blissful sensation in all my nerves moving from the tips of fingers and toes and other parts of the trunk and limbs towards the spine, where, concentrated and intensified, it mounted upwards with a still more exquisitely pleasant feeling to pour into the upper region of the brain a rapturous and exhilarating stream of a rare radiating nerve secretion.

There are, however, important exceptions, notably the Tantra Yoga model of the kundalini experience. When her mother- in-law moved into the house with her and her husband, the symptoms grew worse; she got a stiff leg and developed foot drop. Rick Lee rated it it was amazing Feb 01, Other tests were also devised to track down the physiological correlates of these elusive psychospiritual processes.

It is, in the last analysis, a quest for that which lies beyond the boundaries of the ego and reason. Next his knees began to burn, and he felt a buzzing up his spine that ended in feelings of light and energy in his head. In his work Fire of Love 1.


This liquid light was cold expwrience it was burning me, as if currents of hot lava were flowing through every nerve and every fibre, more and more unbearable and luminous, faster and faster.

This transmutative process was, admittedly, rare when Jung first considered it. Soon after this, her feet began to hurt and headaches experiece. During some of these energy flows she was forced to breathe in a sighing manner.

Then her lower pelvis and perineum felt as if they were swollen. He was so impressed with psychic healing that he returned to film one of the healers. It was then that she found her meditations deepening.

Diagnosis and Therapy Chapter There is as yet no commonly accepted phenomenology that would allow us to comprehend such states analytically and comprehensively.

Approximately six months later, the stimulus moved down from the experirnce to the abdomen, where it remained for a few months before moving further down into the pelvic area. The blast of energy and the trembling returned the following morning while she was doing her Yoga practices.

In one instance, the poltergeist phenomena occurred when a son was born to a young Jewish man and his Catholic wife.

Full text of “The Kundalini Experience Sannella Leela”

In she switched to Tibetan visualization techniques to correct what a Tibetan meditation master had diagnosed as a lopsided energy flow. This, in turn, elayed the systematic comparison of available materials from erent traditions, which would have shown that the kundalini process is an important phenomenon that deserves most careful attention from scientists. It is hard to believe that the kundalini phenomenon was unknown in premodern Europe, given the long-standing fascination with alchemy as a psychospiritual discipline and magic.