For other uses of Legend of Zagor, see Legend of Zagor (disambiguation) The Legend of Zagor was an electronic boardgame produced in , and based on . Legend of Zagor has 74 ratings and 2 reviews. Siobhan said: If the truth is to be known, these books are fun at first. Sadly, however, they quickly grow. Part 3 of the Zagor series of books (the previous instalments being The Warlock of Firetop Mountain and Return to Firetop Mountain), Legend of.

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Legend of Zagor is a single-player role-playing gamebook written by Keith Martin credited to Ian Livingstone [1]illustrated by Martin McKenna and originally published in lefend Puffin Books.

It was later republished by Wizard Books in While Ian Livingstone is credited with writing Legend of Zagorit was rumoured that The Zagor Chronicles legeend Carl Sargent who wrote gamebooks under the name Keith Martin was involved with writing the book since some elements of the book mirror his style.

Legend of Zagor (Fighting Fantasy, #54) by Ian Livingstone

Livingstone’s style is considered distinct by many Fighting Fantasy fans, where the gameplay is usually linear, and the player is led through a specific plot and must collect a number of special items which are essential to the completion of a mission.

Legend of Zagor is markedly different in that the player has much more freedom to explore the castle and choose whether or not to enter certain places, and the various items found are zwgor combat aids potionsspecial weapons, etc. The book also consistently refers to a singular die as “a dice”, an error not present in any of Livingstone’s other off, but is present in Revenge of the Vampire by Martin.


The matter was finally put to rest in when Livingstone confirmed that Carl Sargent was indeed the actual author. This Fighting Fantasy gamebook is the only one to be set in Amarillia. The player plays one of four characters who must destroy Zagorwho is recovering in Castle Argent after being ,egend from the regular Fighting Fantasy world of Titan.

Legend of Zagor (boardgame)

Legend of Zagor makes changes to how skillstamina and luck are calculated see “Unique Rules” below for further details and see Game System for details of regular rules that are still observed.

The interior illustrations were by Martin McKenna. There lwgend 30 full page illustrations and 6 minor repeated illustrations scattered throughout the text. The legejd with a full page illustration were: A series of novels featuring the arrival of Zagor to the land of Amarillia and the battle to defeat him, The Zagor Chronicleswere written by Ian Livingstone and Carl Sargent. The heroes that the player can choose from are all characters from the novels, who worked together as a group to destroy Zagor.

Legend of Zagor (book)

One major difference, however, is the recasting of the wizard character – in the novels, the wizard was a woman named Jallarialwhose brother Sallazar was killed before the story began. Jallarial does not appear in the gamebook, the wizard’s role instead being taken up by Sallazar, who is alive and well. The gamebook’s plot is directly reproduced in the second book of the series, Darkthrone.


It featured the same choice of heroes as the gamebook, moulded plastic board and miniatures, and an electronic voiceover the character of Zagor. Anvar ; Braxus ; Stubble or Sallazar. Sign In Don’t have an account? Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks Outline Location: Keith Martin credited to Ian Livingstone [1] Illustrator s: Martin McKenna Puffin Cover illustrator: Deathmoor Wizard Series 1 Cover illustrator: Martin McKenna First published: Temple of Terror Next Book: Contents [ show ].

Retrieved from ” http: Keith Martin credited to Ian Livingstone [1]. Eye of the Dragon. The evil that will not die! The very name of the Warlock of Firetop Mountain strikes terror into all who hear it.

Banished from the world of Titan, the sorcerer is slowly but surely regaining his strength.

Within Castle Argent, in the kingdom of Amarillia, Zagor has been transformed into a demon. Such is his power, he must be destroyed. There are several adventurers willing to volunteer — mighty Anvar the barbarian, the warrior Braxus, Stubble the dwarf, Sallazar the wizard — but only one will be chosen. Are YOU that hero? Wizard “Special Limited Edition”.

The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. The Forest of Doom. Island of the Lizard King. Caverns of the Snow Witch. Crypt of the Sorcerer. Return to Firetop Mountain. Blood of the Zombies.

The Port of Peril.