Hemoglobinopathies and hemolytic anemias Volume 24, issue 2, Mars-Avril en trois grandes classes: les hémoglobinopathies, les anomalies de membrane. SOMMAIRE. Les hemoglobinopathies peuvent s’averer un probl’eme cinique important chez certaines groupes raciaux. Le patient qui presente une anemie. Alternatives potentielles à la transfusion érythrocytaire dans les hémoglobinopathies: hydroxyurée (HU), érythropoïétine (EPO), dérivés du butyrate, substituts.

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Please, ask your free registration to nkooamvenes gmail. Then, login and select ” new submission “. The aim of the study was to review of haemoglobinopathies diagnosed in the biochemistry laboratory of the faculty of medicine in Niamey. This was a prospective and retrospective study during 10 years from to Electrophoresis was performed on cellulose acetate at alkaline PH. We included subjects with For HbSS, the distribution in these ethnics groups was respectively In Kanuri, the rate was The hemoglobin S and C are the two most common haemoglobinopathies in Niger.


Inherited Disorders of Hemoglobin.

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