View and Download Lexmark X user reference manual online. Lexmark X : User Guide. X All in One Printer pdf manual download. Also for: 16l View and Download Lexmark X setup manual online. Lexmark X Install Guide. X All in One Printer pdf manual download. Also for: 16l – x View and Download Lexmark X Laser MFP service manual online. Laser MFP. X Laser MFP All in One Printer pdf manual download. Also for: X laser.

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The safety features of some parts may not always be obvious. Lexmark is not responsible for the use of other replacement parts. Disposal of mercury may be regulated due to environmental considerations.

xx422 Install drivers for local printing and scanning. Install the print cartridge For local printing and scanning, it is important that you install the drivers for your multifunction printer MFP on your computer before you install the actual hardware. If the CD does not auto launch, click Start type D: Lexmark Web site at www. Visit our Lexmark Web site at manusl. What do I do next?

The MFP weighs 46 lbs. Leave the MFP in the box until you are ready to install it. Ask someone to help you lift the MFP. Placing the MFP Allow at least 7. Unpack the MFP Remove all items from the box. Save the carton and packing material in case you need to repack the MFP. Unpack the MFP Go to page… Setting up the optional sheet or sheet drawer Adding z422 optional drawer for Mac OS X users After lexmsrk have installed the drivers, you are ready to set up the optional sheet or sheet drawer.

Align the tabs on the tray with the slots located on top of the scanner. Push the tray down so that the tabs slide into the slots. Unlock lexkark scanner Note: The scanner is shipped in a locked position to prevent damage. We highly recommend that you lock the scanner anytime you move the MFP. After you have finished assembling your MFP, you must unlock the scanner.

To unlock the scanner: To lock the scanner if you move your MFP after initial setup If you are installing memory cards sometime after setting up the MFP, turn the MFP off and unplug the power cord before continuing. Opening the side door You can customize your MFP memory capacity and connectivity d422 adding optional cards. Removing the system board access shield Note: You need a small Phillips screwdriver to remove the system board access shield.

Install optional memory cards Loosen the six screws.

Do not remove lex,ark completely. Slide the shield to the left until the screws fit into the keyholes on the shield. Touch something metal on the MFP before you touch a card. Refer to the publications CD for memory specifications. Installing an optional flash memory Optional flash memory and font cards are easily damaged by static electricity. Metal pins Card Note: Do not pivot the card into the slot.


Align the pins on the card with the system board and push the card straight in. Reattaching the system board access shield Reattaching the side door Install optional memory cards Align the six keyholes on the shield with the six screws on the system board. Press the shield against the system board, and then slide the shield to the right.

Task After you have installed any optional memory cards, you are ready to finish setting up your MFP. Install optional memory cards Go to page… Prepare the MFP Raising the paper lexmarj The paper rest holds printed jobs at an angle to keep them from sliding out of the output bin. Unfold the paper rest forward to extend it.


Attaching a control panel overlay If English is not your preferred language and you have the MFP control panel language overlay, attach the overlay to your MFP control panel. Task After you have finished setting up the MFP, you are ready to install the print cartridge.

Grasp the print cartridge by the handle. Lift the cartridge out. Do not touch the photoconductor drum on the bottom of the print cartridge. Preparing the print cartridge Install the print cartridge Remove the packaging from the print cartridge. Hold the print cartridge by the handle and gently shake it to distribute the toner evenly.

Close the front door. Make sure the door snaps closed on both sides, or the MFP will not function properly. Task After you have finished installing the print cartridge, you are ready to load media into the MFP. Install the print cartridge Install the print cartridge.

Lexmark X422 Laser MFP Service Manual

Your MFP comes with one standard tray and a multipurpose feeder one optional Loading the trays Follow these instructions to load the standard tray x422 any optional tray. Press the metal plate down. Length guide tab Width guide tab Squeeze the width guide tab and the width guide together, and then x42 the guide all the way to the right.

Squeeze the length guide tab and the length guide together, and then fully extend the guide. Flex the sheets back and forth to loosen them, and then fan them. Overfilling the tray may cause jams.


Refer to the table on page 25 for the maximum capacity of various print media lexark the tray. Stack height indicator Load media Place the print media against the left side of x422 tray, with the print side down and facing the front of the tray.


Loading the multipurpose feeder Finger grips You can use the multipurpose feeder in two ways: If you are loading envelopes into the multipurpose feeder, do not extend the tray all of the way.

This may cause envelopes to feed incorrectly. Pull out the extension. Slide the width guide all the way to the right. Stack height limiter Note: Refer to the table on page 25 for the maximum capacity of various print media in the multipurpose feeder. Place the print media against the left side of the multipurpose feeder, with the print side up and facing into the multipurpose feeder.

Make sure the multipurpose feeder is only pulled out and not extended. Place the envelopes against the left side of the multipurpose feeder, with the print side up and Loading the scanner automatic document feeder ADF Note: The scanner multipurpose feeder can hold a maximum of 50 sheets of 20 lb paper.

Load media Slide the paper guides out. Do not connect or disconnect a communication port, a telephone cord, or any other connector during a lightning storm. Attaching the telephone cord The MFP can be attached to a network or directly to a computer to print locally. To attach the MFP to a computer: Attaching a network cable Ethernet Use Category 5 cable with an RJ connector for the standard network port. You can attach your MFP to a network using standard network cables.

Verifying the IP settings Note: For more information about using the MFP control panel and changing menu settings, refer to the publications CD. The menu settings page lists the default MFP settings and all the options you purchased or installed. Printing a network setup page Note: Save the network setup page after it prints. You will use it in the other steps. Printing a local test page Windows Verify that the paper trays are configured for the sizes and types of paper you loaded.

Mac OS X Note: If another printer is already set up as the default printer, then you have to select the MFP from the Printer pop-up menu and then choose Print. Printing Quick Reference documentation Open any application and create something to print TextEdit, for example. System drivers are built into Windows operating systems.

Custom drivers are available on the drivers CD. Updated system and custom drivers are available on our Lexmark Web site at www. For basic MFP functionality, you can install a system print driver.